My Pledge to Our Planet and Every Living Thing.

I do not know what the outcomes will be in the days that lay ahead of us. But I suppose that has always been true. What I do know and can promise to each and every one of you is….As long as I exist I will pledge to continue to maintain my steadfast resolve in holding the vision, space, and energy for our New Earth. Our heaven on Earth a place of peace, love, and honor. This beautiful glorious home that our Creator made just for all of us humans, animals, plants, trees, and every living thing.
I will not debate with you on who is right or wrong I have no interest. I pledge to respect you and your opinion. For only you know what that truth is within your heart. We were each gifted with our own mind and perspectives for a reason and I honor that reason. Even if at times it’s hard for me to see why things are happening as they are or to understand your position, I still honor the process.
I know my pledge and job is to maintain love in my heart and for all on this planet regardless of how things may appear. Each of you has your own purpose in this life and I honor you for upholding and following through on that purpose.
If I were to ever offer the slightest of advice, should you ask, I would only offer this…

Make decisions based on what your heart tells you. Not what everyone else says or feels. Not based on what your moment of anger or hatred tells you.

I see the post of social media, read the news,  hear all the different ideas, feelings, and opinions… then I find quiet space for me and my heart and I make a decision from that space.
If you want to know what the result of that reasoning is then just read this post and you will understand what’s on my heart. I won’t place labels within my words. Labels are the very things that keep us separate.
I am not divided in my heart. I will not allow myself to be divided from you, my family, everything that exists in this universe. I remember and pledge that we are one and nothing and no one can ever change that truth.

I stand in love for every one of you. I always have chosen love and I always will.

Love to you all in this and every moment!
Danielle Filipski
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