The number 1 way you can have a positive impact on our world is to follow what in your heart! Yet, this can also be the very thing that we’re afraid of.

Here are some of the top things that hold us back from accomplishing our dreams and creating an impact and how I overcame them.

  1. Fear of the unknown

  2. Self-doubt

  3. Distractions/excuses

  4. Not feeling supported

  5. Financial fears

  6. Feeling vulnerable

  7. Not knowing where or how to start

As we get closer to what’s really in our hearts we can become fearful. It’s an interesting combination. To have a feeling of wanting to do something more then anything in the world. Yet feeling paralyzed by the fear of being rejected for sharing what’s in your heart and creating a potential impact. This is exactly what kept me from sharing my life experiences. I held back the wisdom I won through them in the past.

I was experiencing an intense dichotomy.  Knowing in my heart that I had to share with the world and being scared out of my mind to do it. Thoughts like, who would care what I have to say? Everyone already knows this! Or they might think I’m crazy. Then this swung to the other side of the opposing emotions. I would feel excitement and joy over being able to share from my heart.  Expressing the lessons I have learned to create a positive impact. I’ve learned to embrace and harmonize all my emotions. Since it’s pretty normal to have many emotions at once this has made it much easier to focus in on what is at the core of my heart.

The tipping point came for me when I participated in the Consciously Awesome Program.

This program is designed to enhance and support your own inner knowing. That’s exactly what it did for me. Prior to the program I felt connected to many projects and they were all great on the surface. However, I discovered during the program that some were actually distractions away from what was most pressing on my heart. The things preventing me from making the impact I was desiring to share. Through the personalized coaching, lessons, and meditations I was able to cut through those distractions and focus on what I truly wanted to accomplish.

The support I received was different then anything I had ever experienced. In the past it seemed that other programs, books, or lessons were trying to tell me to be a certain way. Let go of your ego, push down your negative emotions, heal heal heal because you are some how broken. This trend started to get really old and tired. It no longer supported or resonated with me or my growth. That’s when Consciously Awesome emerged in my life and provided the next steps in supporting my evolution.  No one was telling me what I should or shouldn’t do. Yet at the same time I had the support of a coach and program that encouraged and inspired me to truly and fully be me. WOW, This program was designed to help me overcome and eliminate the blocks that were holding me back from creating my dreams!

Some of the solutions I received through out the program that support me in creating the impact I want were

  1. Embracing and evolving the Ego
  2. Embracing and evolving all Emotions
  3. Releasing the Healing Journey
  4. Tapping into my own inner knowing on a deeper level and following my hearts calling
  5. I found that I released and healed blocks I didn’t even know I had as a result of releasing the healing journey because I surrendered to this beautiful process and stopped trying to control or figure everything out. This was a huge RELIEF!!!

  6. I faced and released some financial blocks I didn’t even know I had and realized how much those concerns were keeping me from moving forward. Financial freedom has a new meaning for me and it is a combination of having a clear grounded responsible plan for financial wellness that also supports my growth and potential as a person.

You can see I had all of those fears at the beginning of that part of my journey, but my inner knowing was so intense I couldn’t ignore it. I had to take the time to explore some solutions so I could start following my dreams. I took the time to imagine what life would feel like without those fears and limitations. I could feel intense joy, peace, and excitement in my heart. That’s was how I knew it was the right thing to do.

There have been a few life situations I’ve experienced when I felt those fears.  But when I set the fears aside to daydream, I still didn’t feel peace or joy in my heart. Sometimes I felt nothing at all, I just knew that I didn’t want to do it, or it wasn’t the right timing. So I didn’t!

The difference in each scenario was obvious. I had to explore the fears to find out if they were warranted or if they were just keeping me stuck. In each of these explorations it was my job to discover my path. To get the results for the life I want. I did it by trusting my heart and inner knowing!

I would be honored to support you on your path of remembering all that you are.

Having the confidence to share your open heart with the world that is waiting for you. If you’re ready to create an impact in this world and in your life I’m ready to support you on your journey. Let’s set a time to connect and talk about how this can work for you!


With Heart, Danielle



Listen to and Follow Your Heart

You can tell what is in your heart because it will feel good! You may even feel energized or excited. Be mindful of what you think, feel, and want; then live in ways that reflect this.

Self-Love Solution: Follow your Passion! You know the thing that you get super excited about then try to convince yourself it won’t work. That’s exactly what you should do!