A question I hear often from clients…

Is getting the life I desire really possible?

My answer is YES, The life you desire is possible!

Transformation is possible if you believe it is. Living the life you desire is completely 100% possible. Take it one step at a time.

Here are some of the most important steps that I took that helped me completely transform my life in less than a year. If at any point I begin to waiver from my desires I come back to this list.

  1. BELIEVE THAT WHAT YOU DESIRE IT POSSIBLE. If you are going to have the strength to attract your desires into your life then you have to believe that they are truly possible on some level. Even if a small part of you doesn’t totally believe… that’s okay. There are ways you can strengthen your belief and release that doubt. But a part of you has to believe on some level that what you want is possible.
  1. IT’S 100% YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE THE NECESSARY CHANGES. It is up to you. NO one else can do it for you EVER. You have to decide what you really want. If you are not happy doing what you are doing and you want it to change; than it is imperative that you do something different.
  1. BE OPEN TO TAKE THE NECESSARY STEPS TO ACHIEVE YOUR DESIRES. Be willing to get help if needed. Even if you have received help from others in the past. Be open to finding someone who is strong enough to support you now. Someone who’s successful in the areas of your life you want to improve upon.
  1. SEEK OUT SUPPORT. Most, if not all of us, really benefit from support when we are making big changes. I know I did. Be open to finding someone strong enough to support you, trust your instincts. Someone who will nurture and encourage you when needed.   But most importantly someone who is also willing to call you on it, in a loving way, when you are not acting from a place that is in alignment with your desires.
  1. LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR HEART IS TELLING YOU Is there something you desire deep down, but you are afraid of it and you avoid it? This is a huge gigantic clue that this is the area you could use support in. As long as you push this desire down and keep yourself distracted form it, you will not create the life you truly desire. I encourage you to take some time and get real honest with yourself. You are the only one who can transform your life to reflect all that you desire and deserve.
  1. ESTABLISH AND STRENGTHEN YOUR INNER KNOWING. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what anyone else says, it’s completely up to you to decide what feels right for you.Which inner voice do you choose to listen to and focus your attention on?  The voice that tells you, no don’t do it, you will waste more time, you will never be happy. Let it go, give up….Or do you choose to focus on the inner voice that says… Hey you are amazing. You have a lot to share with the world. Let’s do this! You got this!

When you receive the support you need you,  then you are able to support others at a much deeper level. Remember you can only help another as much as you are willing to help yourself.

So now that you know you want to create the life of your dreams and you are open to the necessary steps to create the change….What is the first step you will take in creating the life of your dreams?

With Compassion,

Danielle Filipski

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