Have you ever thought that accepting help from another person is actually still a form of giving?

Yes I said it…accepting help instead of just giving all the time.
When you first read this sentence it may take a minute to really sink in. Many of us have been taught to give and give selflessly. Giving to others is an absolutely beautiful way of living.
But many years ago I found that I was always giving and giving. Putting other people before myself, was something I actually even took pride in.
Because I didn’t understand yet the importance of receiving and accepting help from others.
It thought it was my job to take care of everyone else. Until…
I ended up exhausted and sick. Then I finally learned to start accepting help from others when they offered. Over time I got used to this and I even ask for help if I need it now.
I’ve learned to work smarter not harder.
Most importantly I’ve learned that other people love helping as much as I do. Most of us humans want to be of service. It helps us to feel useful and even appreciated.
Think about how good you feel when you are able to help someone who really needs it and appreciates your support.
Now imagine that allowing another person to help you with something you are still actually giving back. By receiving support you are actually also gifting that other person with the opportunity to be of service.
Let others share their support and love with you. Keep the circle of giving and receiving going.
Watch the video above to learn more about Giving and Receiving.
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With Love,
Danielle Filipski

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