Your beliefs directly effect what you attract into your life. So in order to attract what you really want then you have to be your most genuine self!
It may sound obvious, but if you think back on the years of being taught different beliefs by parents, schools, society etc., you may begin to wonder what your beliefs and opinions really are. Are they beliefs that really resonate with you or are they beliefs that someone else told you were true? Your beliefs directly effect what you attract in your life.

1 Belief I reviewed and was grateful for was “NO PAIN NO GAIN”

The saying “no pain no gain” was a belief that affected my life for a long time. Both my parents were hard workers and they were brought up to pride themselves on hard work. Interestingly my perception of this belief almost killed me and it definitely made my life miserable.
For many years, I would work my tail off. If at the end of the day or week I wasn’t exhausted or sick I would keep pushing myself until I was. Pushing myself to the point where I had absolutely nothing left to give. Once this happened I believed I did my best and had finally worked hard enough. My beliefs were attracting the results I was receiving and they were not really what I wanted.
When I realized I didn’t want to spend my life like this, I began to think about alternative possibilities. This shift opened me up to new beliefs that supported my health and success.

The new belief that replace “No Pain No Gain” and changed my life is “Work Smarter Not Harder”

I  made the decision to change the old belief. I actually “work smarter not harder” and ultimately  accomplish a lot more in much less time. I also got the added bonus of feeling well rested and happier.
This is one example of how I learned to be my true self; instead of living life based on ideas and beliefs others had passed down to me. I discovered what worked for me. Ultimately I accomplished a lot more in less time without getting sick or exhausted! I now attract situations and people into my life that are reflective of what I truly desire to experience.
What we’re brought up to believe greatly affects the perception we have on the world. These beliefs affect our relationships because they ultimately determine how we perceive and interact with others. Thus attracting exactly what we believe.
As you begin to observe and gently question your beliefs you may be surprised by what you discover. Maybe you don’t really believe some of them or perhaps they are in perfect alignment with you. This gives you an opportunity to grow and allows your beliefs to expand with you. It’s completely natural for beliefs to change. It makes logical sense that as you learn new information and become better informed that your previous beliefs may be obsolete and no longer serving you.

Here’s a little example to demonstrate why it’s important to review your beliefs

Imagine a teen that’s growing quickly and his parents may find that they are buying new clothes and shoes every few months during this growth spurt. What if that teen had to keep wearing the same clothes and shoes that no longer fit him? Those clothes and shoes would start to wear down, rip, and maybe even cause pain or discomfort to the teen both physically and emotionally. So you can see how imperative it can be to allow yourself room to grow and expand beyond your original beliefs.
Without room for your beliefs to shift or expand you may become rigid and end up feeling trapped. This suffocated feeling may result in you judging or pointing a finger at other people’s decisions.  Although you may feel a moment of validation in putting someone down, deep down this is not really what you want to be feeling and believing. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and review your beliefs! You may discover some amazing things about yourself.
Questioning and reviewing your beliefs really is one of the top things you can do to discover who you really are and what you truly believe. Some beliefs may stay the same and some may change, but when you know your beliefs are your own, your confidence will grow exponentially! 
As your confidence grows, people will be attracted to you, not necessarily because of your specific beliefs, but because you have stripped away the layers that were not truly you. The more you are yourself the more you will attract people and situations into your life that are in alignment with what you really want in your life.
Would you like to share a story about beliefs and being yourself? I would love to hear from you