A few weeks ago a dear friend crossed to the other side and many of us could still feel his presence quite strongly. Two days after his passing I was drinking coffee on my deck and felt this tremendous flood of energy and everything in me said get to the computer. I began typing and the words were flowing out of my hands faster then my mind was able to keep up with. The energy was amazing and so full of love that when I finished the typing I cried a very deep intense cry of thanks. The love was so strong and so beautiful tears of joy rained down.
If you don’t believe in this sort of spiritual connection then you can look past this part of the message and simply absorb the message about HOPE.
The original message had typos because I was typing so fast, I’ve only modified this message to correct the spelling

“Here we are at this new point in time. Here is the era of truth. Yes it is. For this is the time we have all been waiting for. Hope you are ready for the next wave of light, it is coming quickly. Hope you are holding on to your hats get ready. Understand this is the time you have all been preparing for; get your hats, on get your boots, on here we go. It is time. To wait is over,  hope has lead you to this point. Our new way is going to take root very quickly, you will see changes you never even could have possibly imagined, kind of like you hoped for. Hope is not an accident hope is was helps us to create. Hope fuels imagination. Remember how important hope is, it is as important as faith and belief and goodness and grief. HOPE. keep hope hope hope hope hope hope for all, hope for everything. Hope is the fuel. Hope is the fuel. Hope has to be infused in everything. It is not the foundation, but it is the gas. The emotion of hope is what fires up the creative spirit. Hope is so important we have to remember hope.
Hope is so important make sure they remember to have hope. Infuse hope in everything that you do. Hope is an extension of love that has a subtle difference. Hope is the energy to awakening. It creates possibility and it fuels those possibilities. It opens that portal to the heart and hope is what will help them to awaken quickly. Hope is the portal to love and understanding, possibility, and awakening. Surround yourself with hope, emit hope, and infuse it with everything you do. You do not have to know why or what the outcome is, but HOPE is that seemingly tiny subtlety that will in fact fuel the change you are meant to create. HOPE love belief faith. Hope is the gateway portal to all that you are all offering. It provides a beacon. Pray on hope and receive new insights about this daily.
with love Nicholas Poulos
Thank you Danielle for your willingness to deliver this message”
To all who read this I’m balling my eyes out as I’m writing this. The messages came in so quickly that I’ve never had my hands type like this. I can barely see the keys, but I can’t stop his energy and love is so strong. So honored to be a part of this_

As I reread Nick’s words I can relate. Before he so graciously gifted me this message I had never thought of hope as so important. I always have been a hopeful person, but reflecting on these words really hit home the tremendous importance of hope. Hope is the fuel for possibility. Without hope I would have given up on my dreams a long time ago.
Hope for a better life, hope for a better world, hope for better relationships, hope for community connections, and brotherhood, and true equality, acts of unconditional love… all these hopes have been fuel for every decision I’ve ever made. My hopes created momentum toward finding solutions that would bring more of my hopes to fruition on some level. The vision I have for the potential and possibility of our world fuels my hope and my hope fuels my actions, my actions are then fueled by my belief and faith that we can and will evolve as a planet, my actions create momentum, and my momentum creates change. “Be the change you want to see in the world”…. It all starts with HOPE for something better.
If one person can create so much imagine what we can do when we create together?
With Love and HOPE, Danielle