This post contains affiliate links.  I personally use and believe in the Berkey Filter Systems

Hey, If you live in the Syracuse, NY Area perhaps you’ve heard about the toxic blue green algae bloom in our drinking water? If you continue to read my post you will learn more about a filtration system that can help protect you and your family from these toxins.
I actually bought my water filter system long before I ever heard of this blue green algae, but recently found this article Algae Bloom and Microcystin Removal.
Back in early 2015 I was on a hunt to find a great water filter. That’s when I discovered Big Berkey and here’s why I purchased it long before I knew about the toxic blue green algae. .

I actually live in an area that is known to have very good water but…

1. I can smell and taste chemicals in it and it’s not appealing to me.
2. I don’t like getting water turbidity reports in my mail box a month after the water was turbid. That doesn’t help my family or me to stay safe from contaminates. We’ve already been exposed.
3. My local municipality adds fluoride to the water and I’m personally not interested in having extra fluoride in my body. I prefer to get what I need naturally as intended.
4. I was sick of buying 5 gallon water jugs from the store because

  • The water was stored in plastic bottles. Not the healthiest choice for us or the environment.
  • It was a pain to carry them in the snow and ice.
  • One day I found mold growing in the bottle. At this point I was done with the whole thing.

During my search for better water I discovered the Big Berkey. After a few days of deeper research I decided to purchase it… for the following reasons

1. My initial gut instinct liked the product and its features.
2. The research on their site supported the features I was searching for, like fluoride filters, (add more reasons here)
3. I want to give my family the best possible water.
4. Financially it paid for itself within the first year. Boom and I don’t have to go back and forth to the store so it saves money on gas too.
5. No more…or at least much less plastic waste for the environment.
6. I just pour tap water in and about  an hour later we have filtered water!

What I discovered once I used the Big Berkey.

I. The water tastes amazing
2. There is no smell even my skeptical hubby noticed…
3. He also noticed that the water by his bed side in the morning now looked and smelled better. He would actually drink it the next morning. Prior to Big Berkey he would water the plants with it.
4. When I go out of town I really miss my Berkey. Tap water just doesn’t taste good to me.  I also notice after drinking a few bottles of spring water I just don’t feel refreshed like I do with my Big Berkey water.
5. My cats love it. If I give them tap water they drink it, but when I give them Big Berkey water they line up.
6. Water is the main drink in my family and we use it for all our cooking needs. I plan to purchase a Travel Berkey and a larger home Berkey.
If you have any experiences with Big Berkey water filters. Have you tried Travel Berkey? I would love to hear from you. Learn more about the Big Berkey by clicking the banner below. 

With Love,
Danielle Filipski