Welcome Entrepreneurs!

One of my biggest passions is coaching Entrepreneurs, especially Wellness Based Entrepreneurs. I feel a deep connection with supporting Wellness Entrepreneurs and your Prosperity. The world wants you to be prosperous,because YOU have the ability to make a tremendous positive impact on our community and our world. There is power in large numbers and there is no competition! I say no competition because YOU are unique and your talents and gifts are individual to you. They’re based on your life experiences and your souls remembering.

I’ve started my businesses from the ground up, experiencing the lesson learning bumps and the soul inspiring wins. 

Entrepreneur Coaching with me is a combo of Down to Earth business logic integrated with the Heart and Soul of your intuitive spirit.

We start with a free phone call, and if we’re am energetic match, we’ll book an initial consult to begin our Prosperous Entrepreneurial Journey together.


A Personalized, Cutting Edge, New Energy Coaching Program for you to live Prosperously.

This is not a cookie cutter program. Each Personalized Prosperous Program is created in the present time. Supporting YOU in the exact moment you’re in. YES, your lessons, assignments, and guided meditations are in alignment with you and the earths energy at the exact time you decide to take this program.


  • An Entrepreneur, Solopreneur, Mompreneur, Independent, etc…?
  • In the midst of creating the life you dream of?
  • Pursuing your passion and praying for the profit?
  • Have you spent months/years working on yourself? Or honing your craft?
  • Do you envision living so prosperously you can help others and the planet without worrying about how you’ll pay for it?


Do you feel strongly it’s time to balance out the investment of effort, energy, money, and time you’ve put in to yourself and your business, but you’ve felt like there’s something still holding you back?




About Danielle

A Universal Citizen…Present, here with you, on Earth, to raise the Collective Vibe. 😉 My office is located Syracuse, New York, but my services are universal and available in person or via phone!

My Purpose is to NUTURE you to Follow your Heart. I trust my INTUITION to provide exactly the INNOVATIVE support you need to get you where you want to be.

Raising the Collective Vibe is an inside JOB! Its starts with ONE person… and that person is YOU. Then it spreads out from there.

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