THE HARD POOP : An Uncomfortable, but Real Conversation

A Hard Poop : An Uncomfortable, but Real Conversation

Most of us don’t really want to think or talk about poop, especially hard poop, but it’s something we all have to do right? So let’s keep it real and talk about how this poop analogy relates to everyday life… just for a few minutes.

Stay with me now, it will be worth it….

Clogged Drain

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Have you ever had a time where you really had to go to the bathroom, and for the first few moments it may be a struggle… even a little hard? Then the next thing you know…Smoooooth sailing… Evacuation complete. You can move on with your morning feeling lighter and more energized.
This metaphor came to mind after experiencing what I’ve now humorously coined a hard poop conversation.

The hard poop conversations are where relationships have an opportunity to transform in to something new.

It’s a conversation that’s uncomfortable to begin with. However, if you hang in there and get through the first few awkward moments you eventually get to the part of the conversation that lines up and flows. This is the smooth sailing portion.
Have you ever felt stressed out about beginning a socially awkward conversation? Maybe like this POOP conversation for example? 🙂

Awkward conversation

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It probably happens with strangers, but it can feel even weirder with people we love.

Hard Poop conversations are part of being your truest self.  We all have to POOP eventually.

I recently had a hard poop conversation and discovered the quickest way to diffuse the initial discomfort and uncertainty was to do just that.
I said Hey! I have a hard poop conversation for you… This was met with both laughter and intrigue. It quickly diffused my awkward stress and lightened the moment. Yay!

Lightened Laughter

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Then I explained what this means to me…
It means… I have some things on my mind that are making me uncomfortable and I feel the only way to move through them is to say them out loud, process them, and discover a solution that feels supportive with my flow.
It started off a little bumpy. Me stating…I’m uncomfortable with how things have been. I need things to shift in my life to support where I’m headed now. Not sure how that’s gonna to make you feel, but I have to share it
Smiling Silly Pup

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It may have even sounded accusatory, but it wasn’t meant that way. I just had to state how I was feeling.
Then the conversation went back and forth for a few moments of awkwardness. Until we finally reached the nugget of flow and uncovered the miscommunication. We discovered that we each felt differently about the same exact words.
For example, “working hard” and” bumps in the road” feel restrictive, limiting, and suffocating to me. Yet the other person didn’t feel any of those things.

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Once this was understood we were able to communicate in a more supportive way. We had reached a level of understanding and flow. We didn’t try to change one another, we just understood that we had to find language that was supportive to both of us.

Since the other person was open to the hard poop conversation we were able to move through it quickly and get to the smooth sailing flow. But I had to get it going.

Again, the humor of the hard poop allowed the feeling of judgment and blame to dissipate before it even began. We were both open to get the flow going. Sometimes you just have to unclog the pipes first.
If the other person is supportive you’ll be able to have the uncomfortable conversation without judgement, get to the heart of what you need, and allow the new energy to begin flowing.
Or if they’re not open then I suggest you have the hard poop conversation with yourself to decide if it’s worth having the hard poop conversation.
This is about you taking responsibility for you and your feelings, but in a way that is not placing blame on anyone else!

I know we’re talking about this on a humorous level, but it also has real life truth to it.

Are you literally constipated? Is there an area of your body that feels bound up? It doesn’t always have to be about Poop!  Where do you hold your tension? How is the tension getting your attention? What is this tension try to say? Get it tension – attention… they sound similar right?


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Your body is telling you something. It’s communicating and showing you that there is something for you to address in your life.  Once addressed you’re freed up for smooth sailing.
Holding things in because you’re scared literally will physically back you up. You may have digestive issues, low back pain, hip issues. If you’re not speaking your truth you may get a sore throat. Where do you feel your emotions in your body?

Even Mother Earth has to poop.

Lava Explosion

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I see it like lava in the earth… it builds up and builds up and eventually it has to come out. It can drip out regularly or spew out in explosive ways. It makes so much more sense to release the POOP regularly. Poop is compost for the new to grow. Just like Lava if it flow builds new land. The lava will flow gently and freely or stay bound up inside until the pressure builds and eventually explodes in to a destructive event. Either path will get you where you need to be and eventually leads to new land or new flow. It just depends if you want to burn everything down and start from scratch or if you want to gently allow the new to build and grow as the old is turned into compost.

There are messages in everything around us, even in our poop!

The answers you’re looking for are all around you. The first step is having the desire to take personal responsibility. If you want to have some fun and learn how to decode your own messages, I have creative and imaginative tools that can help you tap in to your inner network of knowing. Book your personalized session today.

Mirror Reflections. Everything is a message

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Maybe you need to have some of your own hard poop conversations? Would you like some support before you set sailing? I’ve got your back. Book your sessions here.
Live in the Syracuse area? I’m available in person as well.
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With Lots of Love and Laughter,
Danielle Filipski
Love you Ma

In memory of Moms Sense Of Humor

Can you dig it? Stay Tuned in for my next blog.  Vulnerability… hard poops cousin