Harmonious Heart Symbo
The Harmonious Heart Symbol is a Registered Trademark Design Created by Danielle Filipski
Harmonious Heart Meaning 
A Harmonious Heart means Love yourself more so you can love others more.
You are the central diamond and you expand out from your core are four open hearts. These open hearts are the expression of you giving and receiving love.
The spirals represent the remembrance that it all starts within you. How you love yourself, effects how you love others, and in turn how you receive love from others.
The top heart expands radiates upward to your connection to the Heavens and Your Creator.
The bottom heart expands down into the ground your connection to Your Home and Mother Earth.
The two hearts on each side expand out to encompass all of your life relationships; People, animals, nature, your career, health, home, finances, beliefs…
The right heart expands as you give and share love with others.
The left heart expands as you accept and receive love from others.

When you love yourself more, you can love others more and you are more open to receiving the love they have to share with you.

This loving exchange demonstrates how loving yourself directly expands love outward in all directions. This is how a wave of love is felt. It starts on the inside.
With Love,
Danielle Filipski