Have you ever heard of an imagination board? How about a manifestation or dream board? 
Maybe you’ve even done one or two dream boards yourself?
A board where you collect all the things you want to have or achieve in your life… Goals, dreams, wishes, trips to Hawaii, dream homes, perfect job, financial freedom. All that awesome stuff we want to experience.
I’ve had a few. Until a few years ago when I made this secret discovery about dream boards that transformed my world.
Wanna know what it is?

I took the whole thing apart!

I had started to feel a bit suffocated by it.
Yes, I’m aware that it sounds funny. It’s a dream board it should feel exciting not suffocating. But let me tell you why.
I wanted some things to change in my life. But you can’t create change and keep doing the same things over and over again.
And that’s exactly what happened when I looked at my dream board. I kept seeing the same things over and over. I realized I had already outgrown some of those dreams. Yes, even the ones I hadn’t “accomplished” yet. From the time I had created the original board to this point I had grown. Another stunning light bulb moment…Hey I’m a new person every day, because I learn something new every day… So why would I expect my dream board to stay the same?
Once I had that light bulb moment there was no going back so I decided to switch it up. I took everything off that board. Clean, blank slate… YAY!  
I wasn’t giving up or throwing away all my dreams, I was simply setting them aside for a bit to see if anything new would come up. Imagining the possibility that something I’ve never thought of could happen gave me butterflies.
The board sat empty for a few days. I wondered if anything would happen… slowly but surely an idea came creeping out. This amazing yet simple question popped in my mind. 

How do you want to feel? 

Sounds so simple… 
But it felt like a bright laser of light beamed into a the deep dark cavernous hole of my mind and illuminated this tiny hidden golden nugget.
I realized it wasn’t about what I was doing in my life, it was more important to me how I was feeling. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do, but at least I knew totally how I want my life to feel. With a place to begin the excitement bubbled.  I got right to work writing down all the different feelings I was craving to experience…Compassion, appreciation, love, trust, ease, acceptance, expansion, happiness, peacefulness… I used different colors to make it pretty. I was sooo ecstatic! I felt free. Like a bird just learning to fly… I didn’t quite know precisely where I was going yet, but I knew for certain how I wanted to feel.

Here’s my original feeling board

Guess what happened? I began to attract new experiences into my life. Things I didn’t even know existed! I met new people and went new places. I even started shopping at new stores! That feeling board opened up a whole new world for me. To this day, over 3 years later, I am still gleaning new experiences and relationships that stemmed from that one tweak of my dream board.
I was loving the results so much I expanded it one step further. I created an imagination board. This is where I just let my imagination run completely free. I didn’t try to decide if my dreams were in reach or even possible. I just started drawing, and coloring, and putting fun pictures together. I was still using the feelings I wanted to experience as inspiration, but now I was adding inventive artistry!
It was so fun to feel that freedom of play and imagination again like I did all the time as a kid. During this time I let all my chores and responsibilities melt away. Completely immersing myself in some adventurous fun.
As we prepare for Spring I’ve been feeling that playful adventurous side revving up again. I’m energized and inspired to share it with you. 
Take some time for you and express how you want to feel with fun. Create your own imagination or feeling board and post it in the comments, I would love to see it! 
Love, Danielle