Intuitive Coaching

If you felt guided or drawn to this it’s because you’re ready to begin or expand upon your journey to self-actualization.The definition of “Self-Actualization is the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.”

It’s a journey of self-love, developing and trusting your intuition, discovering your passions, and expanding into your true self!

I’ll support you in exploring and discovering your innate and unique Abilities. I Intuitively access several skills and innovative techniques to nurture your soul!
Below are some of the skills you may receive during an Intuitive Coaching Session.

Intuitive Guidance, Consultations, and Development

Self-Love and trusting your Intuition go hand in hand. Get support for honing in on and gaining the clarity you need. Even if you don’t know what it is!
Understand, strengthen, navigate and expand your own Intuitive gifts for Personal and Professional Development.

Guided Meditations and Creation Activations

Through imagery we uncover and gently release any limitations not in alignment with your authentic soul. You’ll create a blueprint for what you want in your life, ultimately manifesting from your heart and soul.

Reiki, Energy Work, Universal Shamanism

I’ve passionately studied several energy techniques in depth… because Energy is the foundation of every single thing in the entire universe! It is the foundation of all life, and animates our physical, spiritual, and emotional health.
Energy work supports your body, mind, and spirit to release stress and pain so you can let go of burdens you’ve been carrying. Supports stress relief, calmness, clarity all while decreasing anxiety, stress, and confusion.
Tap deeper into your personal power and learn to balance and harmonize your Energy. Strengthen and understand your energetic connection to everything in your life.

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