Learn to tap into and trust your inner knowing!

Developing and strengthening your intuition helps you create a deeper relationship with self, increase self-love, confidence, and will help you navigate all sorts of relationships!

This is for all levels from those of you just beginning to the seasoned intuitive.


Felt fascinated by Intuitive people?

Had an experience where your intuition/inner voice was strong and you want to be able to tap into that more regularly?

Or had amazing intuitive experiences but they seem random and you want to enhance your abilities?


Utilize more of that gray matter between your ears and tap into the super hero part of your brain?

Feel more confidence and clarity in your life?

And have some fun doing it?


Support for understanding, strengthening, navigating and expanding your inner knowing gifts. This is for those who have had “experiences” … instinctive, spiritual, paranormal, just knowing things, hearing things, seeing things or experienced Intuitives looking to expand their abilities.

Investment : Contact for current rates


Prerequisite : Intuitive Consultation

Expand  your Intuition and inner knowing for Personal and Professional Development. We will focus on your interests and expand upon your natural abilities. You will also tap in to and learn about new abilities all while setting strong healthy energetic boundaries. 

Investment : This Program is based on what we discover and discuss in your Initial Consult


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Intuitive Development