Intuitive Guidance and Reiki

Intuitive Guidance Readings

This session will support you in honing in and gaining the clarity you need. Even if you don’t know what it is! 
You will get exactly what you need to support your growth in this moment. From intuitive messages, medium messages, past life regression, soul retrieval, guided meditation, card reading, Reiki/ energy session, or a combo of the above. 

Investment $155 for an hour


Intuitive Consultation 

Support for understanding, strengthening, navigating and expanding your own Intuitive gifts. This is for those who have had “experiences” … intuitive, spiritual, paranormal, just knowing things, hearing things, seeing things or experienced Intuitives looking to expand their abilities.

Investment $155 for an hour

Reiki Session (Usui and Karuna)

This is a quiet session. Reiki is a gentle, nurturing, Japanese Technique for healing. Reiki’s energy supports you your body, mind, and emotions to release stress and pain. Ultimately allowing you to relax into a deep state of tranquility and harmony.

Investment $75 for 1 hour


Reiki with Messages

Enjoy all of the benefits of Reiki with the addition of intuitive messages. These messages support discussion to further the facilitation of emotional processing and transformation

Investment $111 for 1 hour


Copper Pyramid Reiki Sessions

The energy of the Copper Pyramid amplifies the Reiki energy and creates a meditative state. Clients report feeling a deeper state of relaxation and many have received their own insights and messages.
Investment $111 for 1 hour


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