The last 48 hours or so has been a huge wake up call on many levels. But a repeating theme keeps playing itself in my mind, both in regards to my personal life purpose and passion and also at the broader level of what is currently occurring in our Nation. Many of us have at least heard of the Law of Attraction and one of the most pivotal pieces of this Law is to focus on the outcome you want to create while at the same time releasing the idea of how you will get there. See when we think we know how something should happen we actually place limits on how it is created. If we place limits on how its created then it takes longer to come to fruition or we block it from happening because we are always pushing in one specific direction instead of seeing the path that has been cleared for us…..
Interestingly I have been using the Conscious Meditation techniques we teach in the Consciously Awesome Program to discover the next steps I want to take with growing my business. I have been blown away by some of the results because I had certain expectations in my mind as to how things would or should unfold and that has not been the case at all. See my human mind and training wants to do things in linear order, the logical way, but my higher mind is showing my a totally different path. Whats cool about this process is that I’m actually listening to my higher mind because I have discovered that the messages I personally receive from my own inner knowing during these meditations is actually in full alignment with what is in my HEART. I have been taking immediate action on the heart centered tasks instead of trying to justify or figure out why I’m simply allowing my heart and inner knowing to lead me….
I’m sharing this example to illustrate just how much we can want something and even think we know exactly how we are going to get there,  but then realize there is another potential that maybe a better answer. An answer that we hadn’t thought of before or maybe we did think to do later on in the future once things are established only to discover that the new path has actually ushered us to our desired outcome that mush quicker.
I can tell you this has been born of the emotions of that last few days and a deep deep desire to believe and keep the faith that no matter how things look and feel at times, we really are moving toward our ultimate and desired destination of love, peace, hope, equality, connection, community, truth, and justice for all. WITH LOVE DANIELLE