Light Creation Activations

Light Creation Activation

We are all made of energy and your soul in its purest form is  made of light. Throughout your life you may have picked up, experienced, or learn things that are not in alignment with your true soul or your purpose here. Through imagery we will uncover and gently release any limitations not in alignment with your authentic soul. Ultimately freeing you to be comfortable in your Radiance. 

In your Personalized Light Creation Activation you will receive…

Guidance to support your soul now

A soul drawing for release,

A unique personalized light activation symbol

This is a very empowering double session for those who feel guided to book it.

Investment – $333 for two sessions

This session may be done on the phone. I will mail you your original creations and symbols.

Contact me below or at [email protected] 

With Love and Light,

Danielle Filipski

A Personal Note about Universal Shamanism from Danielle

I became aware of my personal journey with Shamanism long after it had actually begun. Oh the stories I could tell and I will share as we work together. Since I’ve stepped into this awareness my life has shifted in more amazing and exciting ways than I can count. I’m consistently expanding and learning more because I love it. Our potential as humans has barely been tapped and I’m thrilled about exploring how far You and I can go. This next part of mys journey I have  clear guidance to support as many individuals as possible who are awakening to the vastness of their true potential. This is not potential that is learned about in books or classrooms, it comes from the spark within ones own heart and soul. 

Are you ready to explore the vastness of all that you are? 

I’m ready to journey with you.

With Honor and Respect,

Danielle Filipski


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