Have you ever thought to learn lessons from your food that were not necessarily related to your diet?

Or taken a few moments to connect with the food or drink you’re putting in your body?
Do you ever contemplated where your food comes from or what it took to get to you?
Continue onward and you will get a glimpse into my conversation with breakfast one morning. At the very least it will entertain you, perhaps it will even open you up to a new perspective.
As I sipped my coffee the other morning I took a few moments to connect with the contents of the cup. The coffee beans, where they grew? Who picked them? Shipped them? Roasted them, ground them, brewed them, and served them to me in this cup? The cream and the cow it came from, the farm it came from, the farmer who raised it and milked it then sold it.
Those who delivered it and those who put it in the container I poured it from. The monk fruit sweetener I used and the tree it grew on, the person who picked it processed and shipped it. The boxer and bagger, the seller the buyer…
So much effort and resources for one cup of coffee! How amazing.

This all started with a banana.

After I ate the banana I could sense all the people who had touched it. In my mind I scurried past the process it took for the banana to get to me and connected directly with the source of the fruit. It’s mother…the Banana tree.
When I connected with her essences and I thanked her for her fruit, for sharing her life to sustain mine. She gives freely and keeps producing; it is up to us to recognize all that she gives and all that she produces. To not acknowledge these gifts for what they are is to deny that you need them and in denying you need them and disrespecting this gift, you push it away.
This is the same thing that happens in relationships. When you do not acknowledge the gift that is presenting itself to you and being shared with you then that gift has no reason to continue to provide for you. In fact in keeping with universal laws it will simply fade away.

See the tree understands the power in give and take, ebb and flow, giving and receiving…

The tree is not selfish or self-righteous the tree knows that if a mutual respect is attained, then the grower will tend to its leaves, and nurture its soil, and in turn the tree will provide more beautiful fruit.
It is a give and take. If the gardener simply continues to take the fruit and never tends to the tree, the tree will no longer provide fruit. It may even shrivel up and die… if it doesn’t know it’s’ own value.
If it does know its value, like a person, it will care for itself and wait for another day.  It will preserve itself and wait until a worthy gardener comes along and recognized and respects the mutual relationship of a true co-creative relationship.
This is such a huge lesson for us humans on this planet. We say we want equality, we say we want to co-create; we say that we are capable.

The real question we each have to ask ourselves is…

Am I willing to look into the mirror and take responsibility for my part?  Am I truly willing to peel back the layers, get real with myself and live exactly what I say I want and believe is possible?
I encourage you to take some time to contemplate what it is truly want to focus your energy on. Just like the tree. Will you continue to provide fruit for a farmer who doesn’t appreciate the crops? Or will you become the farmer and tend to your own fruit until a worthy gardener appears to co-create with beautiful magic?
I would love to hear your thoughts,
Danielle Filipski
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