Multidimensional Harmonious Heart Alignment

You’re a multifaceted multidimensional being with many layers. 

You have intricate cells and systems that make up your physical body. A body that houses your living spiritual being. Your soul that animates your body! 

You have a profound ability and depth of emotions. You’re capable of experiencing multiple layers of emotions in any given moment. Feelings of joy, grief, sadness, appreciation, hope, love, and frustration all at the same time. 

The multidimensional facets of your soul.

The ability to be in a physical body connect to Earth, yet also connected to the stars and the Creator of All that Is. You are an expression of Creator…a Beautiful Intricate Work of Art. 

The multidimensional being that is you… has the magnificent 5 main sensory abilities senses smell, touch, taste, hearing  and seeing.

You have many ways to communicate… speaking, singing, yelling, writing, painting, sign language, movement, body language, dance…. the list could go on.

Add to all that your senses and ability to expand them beyond the 3D physical world…

Telepathy, all the Clair’s…. connecting with your higher self and higher aspects,  with angels, ascended masters, loved ones, and Creator of All that is! 

You have a rich life here in the physical world… all the extremes that appear to be in duality…

Night and day, light and dark, female and male, black and white, hot and cold, love and hate, joy and sadness… yet you can witness clearly that most things are a blend and balance of these these opposites. There is a rich spectrum of possibilities here on Earth.

For example black and white are simply varying shades of gray.

If we broke down the attributes that are associated with male and female …you would be hard pressed to find a person that didn’t hold some of both. They may be dominant one way or the other,  but I feel confident guessing they could identify with attributes on both sides of the chart! 

So as you can see for yourself having access to a multifaceted, multilayered, multidimensional session can really help to remove limitations and open new doors, windows, and worlds to you! 

This session may include, but is not limited to one or more of the following 

Removal of any and all Limitations your soul is ready to release. 

Connecting heaven and earth

Balancing and harmonizing the masculine and feminine. Twin Flame harmony within 

Alignment and integration with all of your aspects and highest selves. Including Balancing and harmonizing shadow, ego, inner child, etc.

Alignment and integration with all aspects your high hearts and heart center in the physical.

Strengthening your confidence and trust in your multidimensional self… supporting you to live authentically. 

Once you have the session it will take time to integrate the shifts in the physical.

You’re soul already knows what it needs…

I’m here to guide and support that shift with my ability to see, feel, and sense deeply on multiple layers and dimensions. 

The Exchange

This session is $111