Have you been feeling overwhelmed by the energy lately? Need time to soothe your soul?
Are your brain and mind always going? Your awareness of things around you has greatly increased, yet you find it difficult to understand or discern all that is happening around you? Craving time to soothe your soul?
Do you feel like you’re living in two worlds at once? Two lives, like Super Man… Clark Kent by day, Superman by night… accept it’s happening at the same time. Overwhelming at times, huh?

Have you noticed that the world is changing around you?

Maybe no one else around you really notices, but you can sense it. Things essentially look the same on the outside, but you can feel that things are different somehow? You know it…in your bones and in your heart, something is changing and it’s changing quickly.
When you meet people, have conversations, or watch tv do you notice you can deeply feel the emotions of the people around you or on the tv show? This can be overwhelming for sure. Is your soul screaming for some soothing?
When you go into large groups of people like at the mall or grocery store, do you become overwhelmed and exhausted? Feel like you need time to nourish your soul? Do you usually have to go lay down and rest or you get grumpy?
You probably feel frustrated by this, but I’m here to let you know you’re not going crazy. You are actually growing. Everything on the planet is always evolving. One way we know this to be a fact is by noticing the differences in the generations, what’s important to them, and how they react to situations.
There’s no set structure to our evolution and,to a degree, it’s different for each one of us. Those of us that are currently experiencing heightened emotions and awareness are at the forefront of the current evolutionary shift. As our planet evolves, we evolve.
If you can relate to any of what I’ve shared in this post then keep reading.
To make this evolutionary transition smoother it’s important that you take time to….

Soothe Your Soul….

1.Take your inner knowing and intuition seriously. It is guiding you and telling you exactly what your body, mind, and spirit need. The more you listen, the more you will understand and know.
2.Nurture and love yourself. Eat, sleep, rest as needed. Take time alone to rejuvenate.
3.Listen to guided meditations or meditate on your own. This is very supportive to your nervous system and will help your brain and mind to rest so you can better integrate all of the changes happening to and around you. (Try a guided meditation )
4.Find great relief in sharing your experiences with someone who not only understands, but has successfully navigated a similar experience.
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