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One of my greatest passions is to support, coach, and mentor Wellness Practitioner Entrepreneurs. I believe Entrepreneurs are changing our world for the better and have the ability to make a tremendous positive impact.

I’m pleased to introduce you to the Practitioners of Harmonious Living in Syracuse, New York. Meet Jody Tone and Sarah Carlson below!

I’ve also teamed up with Joyce Appel to create an online wellness directory WELLNESS CONNECTS

Visit and discover the wellness options you’ve been searching for!

Enjoy, Danielle Filipski

Danielle Filipski

Danielle Filipski

Danielle Filipski


[email protected]

Coach, Mentor, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, Shamanism Studies, Certified in Advanced Guided Meditation and Massage Therapy

You can learn more about my services here.


If you’re interested in Entrepreneur Coaching or Mentoring Services Contact me at

315-395-4483 or [email protected]

I’m pleased to introduce you to the Practitioners of Harmonious Living in Syracuse, New York. Meet Jody Tone and Sarah Carlson



Jody Tone

Jody Tone

Jody Tone

315-569-4489 text

[email protected]

Reiki Master offering Holy Fire Reiki

I have been involved in Reiki for a little over 6 years. Holy Fire is a calming, nurturing energy that I acquired 1 year ago. I’m honored to be able to offer this energy to other people to help with stress management and relaxation.

Holy Fire $60 for a one hour session

Sarah Carlson

Sarah Carlson

Sarah J. Carlson

315- 516-7001 call or text

Professional Pet Care Taker and Reiki Practitioner

We all need a vacation, even our pets! Vacations are a good break from reality, but they help us to appreciate how much we love being home! I have been pet sitting for 7 years now and I truly enjoy getting to know my new 4 legged friends, spending quality time petting them, playing with them, and even offering them Reiki.  Animals are typically open to the energy, it helps them feel more comfortable when their families go on vacation and also helps to ease emotional stressors that our little loves may be feeling. I enjoy offering Reiki to my 4 legged loves because they are always so giving and loving to us, it makes me feel good to be able to give back to them.
My services include, but are not limited to: animal Reiki, pet sitting, undercoat blowouts, doggy shaves, horse care, barn/stall maintenance.
Contact me directly for your personalized pet plan or to Book your own Reiki Session


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