This is what happened when I quit coffee.
So if you are anything like me you may ask why the heck would you want to give up coffee?
Noted, I struggled with this very question for a few years. I even came down to the fact that I didn’t really care about the caffeine, I really just love the flavor of coffee. So what’s a woman to do? I just wasn’t ready to give it up until I found out…
That my body needed me to give it up.
I was feeling quite exhausted and found out I had mono and adrenal burnout. My body was fighting a virus and my dhea levels were below what they should be…this explained my exhaustion. These two factors actually exacerbate one another. (I will write another blog about this)
I was drinking more caffeine because I was tired. It had become normal to have 2 cups of coffee in the morning and on occasion an iced tea in the afternoon. However, the caffeine was further taxing my kidneys and immune system, so I decided to quit. 

Here’s my quitting process and what I discovered

On the first day I tried not to drink any, but got a headache and drank half a cup in the late afternoon.
Then for about a week I drank half a cup. This was already a huge reduction of caffeine.
Next I switched to half caf… I found an amazing Brazilian decaf at Cafe Kubal around the corner from my house. This coffee is organic and made decaf through the Swiss water process, not harmful chemicals. Yum!
I avoided quitting in the past because I love the taste of coffee. I just didn’t want to drink something that taste like dishwater. So I was excited to find this Swiss water decaf with great flavor.
Within a few days I went completely to decaf… which is 99.9% caffeine free. I brewed it in my mini French press which allows me to adjust the taste to my liking. Now I enjoy the awesome smell and taste of coffee without the side effects of the caffeine. Some mornings I even just drink water or a protein shake.

These are the best things I’ve experienced about being off caffeine…

1. No more jittery anxiety
2. I Actually have more energy. Since addressing the underlying cause of my exhaustion and supporting my adrenals I’m feeling better every day.
3. I have been able to exercise for 30-45 minutes every other day. This has been huge. I have not had the strength or energy to exercise in about 2 years. Read about how I coped with this HOW A NEW PERSPECTIVE CAN BETTER YOUR LIFE
4. I’ve been really listening closely to exactly what my body is needing. I’ve stopped trying to force it to want things it doesn’t want.
5. I’ve been mindful of making new decisions. Like this coffee decision. I can enjoy the flavor without the side effects.
So if you are thinking of quitting or just cutting down, I recommend that you listen to your body and do it as gently as possible. This process helped me not feel like I was losing something. In fact I gained the reward of feeling better and still enjoying the taste of coffee.
I believe there is always a solution to satisfy our needs. Especially if we’re willing to explore a little and trust what our body is telling us.
Do you have a coffee or caffeine story? I would love to hear in the comments below.
Do what’s right for you.
With Love,
Danielle Filipski