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Danielle Filipski



I found Big Berkey a few years ago when I was looking for a filter that can remove fluoride, I live in an area that is known for having great water, but fluoride is added. I can taste the chemicals.  I’ve been thrilled since finding my Big Berkey. I even use the water for my pets. Now when I get the notice about the water turbidity that occurred two months ago I know we’ve been protected. Water tastes amazing. Click the Banner to learn more about Berkey Water Filters Today and receive a discount.

Taken from About Us on Thedirt.com

Many of us don’t take the time out of our day to treat ourselves well. Once upon a time neither did we but  a smart person once said “you should treat yourself like someone you really care about” pretty good advice if you ask us. So we set out to change our daily routine. We ditched all our toxic personal care products, and started a natural oral care routine of brushing with toothpowder, flossing with silk, scraping our tongue and oil pulling.

It worked, our dentists were stunned at our great oral health and it inspired a business… The Dirt was born.

We make products that are all naturalwell designedeffective and most importantly delicious!

Why does it matter if a product is beautiful and delicious? Because you’ll want to use it! If you want to use it, you’ll enjoy taking care of yourself more, and if you enjoy taking care of yourself you’ll do a better job of it, and if you do a better job of it you’ll feel better, and if you feel better you’ll like taking care of yourself, and if you like taking care of yourself you’ll be happier… see where we’re going here?

We use only natural, effective ingredients like:

  • Essential oils
  • Bentonite clay
  • Myrrh 
  • Coconut oil

We never use fillers, artificial ingredients, soy or anything else you wouldn’t want to eat.

All of our products are made right here in the USA, we’re proud to help create jobs in our local community.

In a world full of amazing natural ingredients, why settle for ‘good enough’? We strive for best, so we made the best… and you deserve the best! 😉

Turn your daily routine into a self-care ritual.

Your body is a temple after all…



Let me introduce you to my favorite functional drink: Rasa Koffee, an adaptogenic herbal coffee alternative that improves my stress response, helps me feel normal and sane, heightens my natural energy, and offers some gentle detoxifying love for my body.


Rasa Koffee is an adaptogenic coffee alternative. It features a blend of roasted chicory, chaga, eleuthero, shatavari, he shou wu, codonopsis, dandelion, burdock, ashwagandha, rhodiola, cinnamon, and reishi. In other words: a powerhouse of herbs and shrooms that take on a bold roasty, rich flavor with a hint of cinnamon. Providing calm energy and a host of immune and adrenal-loving benefits, without the caffeine crash, jitters or commitment. 

I personally designed and trademarked this pendant so of course I endorse it 🙂

Harmonious Heart Pendant Meaning   

Love yourself more so you can love others more.

Love begins within you and then expands and radiates from your core. Reaching outward and extending to Your Creator, Your Home Planet Earth, and all of your relationships.

As your self-love amplifies, you share more love with others, and in turn receive more love from others. Create a wave of love.