Hey, Here you will discover products I personally use and recommend. I believe in these products and recommend them in everyday conversations with friends and family.  I’m a business woman who is growing and expanding so you will find that some of them contain affiliate links. If you have any questions please send them over to [email protected]

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Danielle Filipski



I found Big Berkey a few years ago when I was looking for a filter that can remove fluoride, I live in an area that is known for having great water, yet fluoride is added and I could taste the chemicals when I would try to drink it. I have been thrilled since finding my Big Berkey. I even use the water for my cats. Now when I get the notice about the water turbidity that occurred two months ago I know that me and my family have been protected. Water tastes amazing. Click the Banner to learn more about Berkey Water Filters Today.

Self-Love Symbols


I personally designed and trademarked this pendant so of course I endorse it 🙂

Harmonious Heart Pendant Meaning   

Love yourself more so you can love others more.

Love begins within you and then expands and radiates from your core. Reaching outward and extending to Your Creator, Your Home Planet Earth, and all of your relationships.

As your self-love amplifies, you share more love with others, and in turn receive more love from others. Create a wave of love.