Reiki Level I


A Full Session with a Reiki Master 

Length of class: 

One Day. Length of class depends on class size. 

Class description:  

Easy to learn and open to anyone who has a desire to learn this ancient hands on healing technique.

This class is a mixture of lecture, demonstrations and hands on instruction with  practice time.  You will learn the history, hand positions for your own self-healing, and how to work with others and receive the attunement. 

You will leave class fully empowered to do a treatment on yourself, share informally with family, friends and pets.
The class size is limited to allow for individual attention.

This class will provide:

•    The basic theories and procedure of how to work with  energy
•    Explanation of the energy centers called Chakras
•    Reiki I attunement and Certificate
•    Learn hand placement positions for self healing
•    Learn hand placement to give a full session to others
•    Opportunity to give and receive a session
•    Discussion on ways to integrate the energy work with Q and A
•    Discuss the benefits 
•    Receive book with hand-outs on hand positions and principles 

•    Information on learning Reiki II 


Class size is limited
Call or email to reserve your space (315) 395-4483 or e-mail [email protected]

Investment $150





Reiki Level II


Reiki I

Length of class: 

Varies on Size of class

Class description: 

Second level of training is when you want to learn more and become a Reiki Practitioner. This class is a mixture of lecture, demonstration and  hands on practice time. During this class you will learn three ancient, powerful, healing symbols. You will be capable of providing distance non-touch Reiki to others.These sacred symbols are the keys  that can lead to inner peace for the practitioner and accelerated healing for the client or loved ones. You will receive the second attunement, which is a quantum leap in healing abilities. 

You will leave class with increased capability and expanded awareness for yourself and others.

The class size is limited to allow for individual attention

This class will provide:

•   brief review of Reiki I 
•   students will have the opportunity to share experiences with the energy  and validate their new experiences with fellow students and instructor. Q and A
•   receive the Reiki II attunement and Certificate
•   learn the three ancient sacred healing symbols and mantra (the empowerment symbol, mental/emotional symbol and the 
 absent/distance symbols)  how to draw and use 
•  precise instruction for practical application
•  opportunity to give and receive a session
•  learn ways to provide healing when unable to physically touch the person
•  discussion on integration of Level II into practitioners work
•  discussion of the benefits of in their practice
•  information on becoming a Reiki Master 

Class size is limited
Call or email to reserve your space – 315-395-4483 or [email protected]

Investment $250


Master and Karuna® Attunements Available Upon Request and Review

Contact Danielle Filipski directly at 315-395-4483 or [email protected]