I didn’t start out knowing I would combine Reiki and Massage. Interestingly, I was studying to become a Reiki Master at the same time I was in massage school. These elements together became a very natural combo for me. Reiki enhances my abilities as a massage therapist and vice versa.
While I was in massage school we had an assignment to perform a blindfolded massage. It was a bit nerve wracking at first.  We were all  nervous we would mess up draping or give an awful massage. For me it ended up being a pivotal and defining moment in my massage career.  


I absolutely loved it! 

This blindfolded exercise helps me listen to and hear the clients body at a much deeper level. It took my eyes out of the game, but my hands and instincts kicked in to high gear. This experience taught me to allow the clients body to speak to me and tell me what it needs. To this day I close my eyes and listen. 
One of my favorite things about Reiki is that this universal life energy knows exactly where to go in your body. As a practitioner I simply allow the Reiki to flow through my hands to you, then your body is so smart it directs the Reiki where to go.
Bringing together the skills of listening to your body and allowing Reiki to direct me where to massage has proven to be an amazing combination.
My clients often experience much deeper relaxation and stress relief from the Reiki energy. It brings an added layer of comfort and warmth to the Massage session.
Prior to the session I often intuitively pick up on what is going on with my clients. I get a sense of what areas of the body are in need and the clients emotional state. This is an advantage that allows me to create a session that will support them most in that moment. Each session can be different based on what the client needs.

All of my clients receive increased emotional support

Several clients prefer the coaching aspect of the session. If I pick up on anything….pains, emotions, etc… I will share it. This usually provides a starting point for you to begin processing.  Some people use this time to share and some just go into a meditative state, or I guide them in a meditation. We use whatever support you need in that moment.
This coaching process combined with the Reiki Massage allows you to release not only the emotional aspect, but you can feel the energy of the stress, pain, hurt, actually leaving the area of your body that was in distress.
There are times when a session turns out differently from what the client expected, but they received the results they were seeking. There are even times something long forgotten surfaces to be transformed.
Some people come for specific things and others are not sure what they need, but know they need support!

Even clients who don’t come to me for coaching receive emotional support.

In fact,  one gentleman who recently reconnected with me, said he immediately felt at ease and comfortable in the room. Then half way through the massage he said… “You really know how to create a safe space, you pay attention to the emotional aspects of a massage.”
I loved and appreciated this so much because it shows that he was receiving that emotional support even though we weren’t talking. He was able to process and release as he needed to in a safe space.
Hope you enjoyed this information. Please let me know if you have any questions about Reiki Massage.
With Love,
Danielle Filipski
If you don’t live in the Central New York Area, you can search for a Massage Therapist that offers Reiki in your area on the American Massage Therapy Association site or find a Reiki Practitioner at Reiki.org
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