When you’re in your own personal survival mode it can be difficult and almost impossible to be concerned about other things around you. As you become more self aware you also become more aware of what’s happening around you with others.
When thinking back to my youth I can see now how in some ways I was completely connected and at other times when I was stressed I was so completely disconnected.. I was only in personal survival mode. I couldn’t even begin to conceive of how to find solutions to help others or see the bigger picture of humanity. I was just trying to survive myself.
But as I lifted out of survival mode I began to start looking at the world with a bigger broader view. After some time of study one truth became apparent to me: “THAT EVERYTHING IS MADE OF ENERGY”, so then it must be true “THAT WE ARE ALL CONNECTED”
This was the belief that changed my life and the way I look at the world/ universe. The self awareness and understanding that we are all made of energy. In fact our human bodies are made up of the same exact elements as the Earth, the sun, the stars, the oceans, etc…. It’s really quite amazing if you really let your self think about the depth of that!
I am passionate about self awareness and self-love because they are the foundation of our evolution. In order for us as humans to go to the next level we have to remember who we are and what we are truly and beautifully capable of being. Discovering this potential has the power to change and shift the world in all the ways we’ve been dreaming of. We have been waiting for US!!!!!

It’s time to step up as a collective and remember everything is connected even the things we want to pretend are evil or bad are all part of the Oneness!

  1. Pay attention to what you are feeling emotionally
  2. What are you feeling physically?
  3. How does the food you eat make you feel?
  4. What about the music you listen too or the people you hang out with?
  5. What do you focus your energy on? worry or discovering solutions?

It’s imperative that we as individuals take personal responsibility! Sometimes when we look at or hear about an unfair issue in the world we become sad or depressed. Even feeling overwhelmed and helpless to help the situation on a larger scale. But the truth is that you can make a difference! Start by living the best example you can. You may think that no one notices, but I promise you they do. It’s not always the people you want to be paying attention, but t what matters is that when you live with certain intentions and you project that energy out into the world you make a positive difference. Sometimes without even saying a WORD! People are effected by you and your energy even if they are not immediately aware of it.
What type of energy are you sharing in the world? Are you smiling or disconnected?
How are you participating in the collective consciousness? Are you complaining or sharing love?
What types of things are you focusing your energy on? Solutions or worry? 
With all of this said all EMOTIONS are valid and important. When you have emotions that tell you to feel anger, frustration, sadness etc…. It’s not about ignore those emotions. Actually those emotions are imperative to our evolution as humans. It’s actually what you do with those emotions that is key.

  1. Let yourself feel the emotions fully
  2. You may find you feel many emotions at once, especially around charged subjects
  3. Think of solutions that would help to shift those emotions
  4. What are some ways you can move forward with a solution today? It can be super simple- this is where real change begins

You see why all emotions are so important. It’s the emotions that provide us with the information we need to grow and evolve. Emotions teach us about how things feel and when we let ourselves feel all emotions then we are empowered to move forward and find true solutions to the issues that triggered the emotions in the first place.
Embrace Yourself to Embrace Evolution! Danielle