A Harmonious Heart Program

This 12 week Self-Love Program will support you in building a deeper relationship with trusting yourself. As you trust yourself more you’re able to make decisions that support your dreams. And as my motto says…. Love yourself more so you can love others more.

Through stories, lessons, assignments, guided meditations, and 1:1 coaching you receive  support to create and maintain habits of self-love. When you’re open to this type of work the habits can actually shift easily, because the shifting comes from within YOU. 

I share my stories and prompts to get you thinking, but ultimately they’re simply tools to get you connecting more with your true authentic self.

Your Self-Love Experience

12 lessons with assignments shared to inspire your self-love journey. Enjoy fun and simple assignments that support you in tapping deeper into yourself and encourage more love in your life.

12 plus Guided Meditations immerse you in a bubble of love, enhance your connect with yourself, and strengthen your inner trust

6 1:1 Coaching sessions This is your personal time and space to explore and receive any additional support you may need on your self-love journey

Week 1

Personal Responsibility and Self-Love – Connecting and strengthening your authentic self.

Week 2 

Personal Responsibility and Higher Power – Tap into Higher Powers to receive more support.

Week 3

Personal Responsibility and Your Response-Ability – Learn how your response can affect every outcome and empower yourself with new possibilities.

Week 4

Explore Self-Love, Free Time, and Freedom.

Week 5

Emotions and Memories- Gently transform old stored emotions.

Week 6

Emotions and Layers – You’re a beautifully complex being, feel support in all that you are.

Week 7

Emotions and Possibilities – By embracing an transforming emotions you can hold more space for possibilities and miracles.

Week 8

Explore Self-Love, Rest, and Relaxation.

Week 9

Reflection and You – Explore yourself deeper.

Week 10

Reflection and Relationships – Learn to decipher the messages and lessons other people offer.

Week 11

Reflection and Messages – Learn ways to tap into and interpret the messages all around you.

Week 12

Explore Self-Love, Fun, and Play


Investment : $1111 includes the entire program and 6 one on one coaching sessions.

Contact me directly for program options. [email protected]



Self-Love Series Testimonial

“I want to post about what I’ve been experiencing recently, because it’s blowing my mind. I’m so very thankful that my beautiful friend has created this program. Because of this program, I am finding my truth, my voice, and what I’m meant to do.

I am connected to my higher self and my angels. I can hear their messages clearer than I ever have. I’m helping my children and my friends in ways that feel guided by something. There are situations that are presented to me that I am able to give feedback that resonates with people and helping them find their own way and strength. I’ve always been that person for people. That listening ear. The person people feel comfortable talking to because i don’t judge. I help and uplift. But now, it feels deeper. I have this “knowing” that it’s what I’m meant to do.

Spreading positivity and love by helping my empathetic 8 year old daughter navigate this world and situations with peers, so that it doesn’t crush her spirit. Empowering her to stand up for herself and feel confident in it, without anger and violence. Things I wish someone could have given me back then. She is a light worker too.

I guess I’m just thankful and I have never felt this safe. I hope all of you are able to take away from this, similar things. I also love that I can express myself here, in a way that I can’t on my regular page.

Thank you, Danielle Filipski. I am getting closer to my calling. To understanding my job in this world. You are a role model. Someone our daughters can look up to. Helping us be women our sons can respect, and a new way of being “strong men”. Giving us parents a new way of helping them, by helping ourselves. I am TRULY THANKFUL”
JT, Syracuse, NY

A Self-Love Series Testimonial

“It’s amazing to have someone that can appreciate and honor where we are. To help us see our best selves when it’s not that easy. To see more clearly when there are so many things to navigate through… she’s like a compass that helps you get “back on course” or adjust your sails. Then you continue ahead, again with peace in your heart.” AG, Baldwinsville, NY