Reiki Session (Usui and Karuna)

Reiki’s a gentle, quiet, nurturing, Japanese Technique for healing and relaxation. Allowing your body, mind, and spirit to release stress and pain so you can let go of the burdens you’ve been carrying. Supports stress relief, calmness, clarity. Decreases anxiety, stress confusion.. Ultimately allowing you to relax into a deep state of tranquility and harmony.  

Investment $75 for 1 hour

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Reiki with Messages

Enjoy all of the benefits of Reiki with the addition of intuitive messages. These messages support discussion to further the facilitation of emotional processing and transformation

Investment $111 for 1 hour


Guided Meditation

Personalized Guided Meditation allows you to just sit back and receive. It directs you to focus on enjoying the experience. You won’t have to worry about writing your grocery list in your head and wondering why you’re not relaxing. Enjoy the deep satisfaction of relaxation, calm, peace….and a clearer sense of self. Includes Reiki Energy and Emotional Support.

Investment $125 for 1 hour


Intuitive Guidance 

Need some clarity? Not sure what you need? Or do you have specific questions? I will use my intuitive skills to help you get to the heart of what your seeking in any area of life.

This session will support you in honing in and gaining the clarity you need. Even if you don’t know what it is! 

You will get exactly what you need to support your growth in this moment. From intuitive messages, medium messages, past life regression, soul retrieval, guided meditation, card reading, Reiki/ energy session, or a combo of the above. 

Investment $125 for 1 hour


Intuitive Consultation 

Support for understanding, strengthening, navigating and expanding your own Intuitive gifts. This is for those who have had “experiences” … intuitive, spiritual, paranormal, just knowing things, hearing things, seeing things or experienced Intuitives looking to expand their abilities.

Investment $125 for 1 hour


Light Creation Activation

This is a fun, creative, imaginative way to release hidden blocks and to discover your gifts. We are all made of energy and your soul in its purest form is  made of light. Throughout your life you may have picked up, experienced, or learn things that are not in alignment with your true soul or your purpose here. Through imagery we will uncover and gently release any limitations not in alignment with your authentic soul. Ultimately freeing you to be comfortable in your Radiance. 

This is a very empowering double session for those who feel guided to book it.

Investment – $333 for two 90 minute sessions





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