Divine Inner Child Series

4Our Inner Child is one of our most important aspects of our life. Our Inner Child is innocent and loving, intuitive and curious. Open and ready to explore and experience what this world has to offer.

Throughout our lives many of us we’re taught to stuff and squish our Inner Child.

Well meaning parents and teachers wanted us to fit in. Not aware that they were drowning our natural authenticity.

The Inner Child never really went away, He or she simply adjusted and made themselves small. 

But now that you’re remembering who you are and allowing yourself to expand you have space to allow your Inner Child to rise back up.

Allow your open and light-hearted, intelligent, intuitive, imaginative, creative, playful heart be reintroduced to yourself and when you’re ready this world. 

This is a Series of 4 supportive 1:1 sessions with check in email access

In this series we’ll explore

Hearing and seeing your Inner Child 

Clearing and healing Inner Child Traumas 

Embracing and integrating your Inner Child wisdom.

Inner Child Series $555

Inner Shaman Series

Do you feel a great to connection to Mother Earth and yet still yearn to connect with the Stars in the Sky?

Does something stir inside your heart and soul when you think of Shamanism?

This Unique Series is designed to support you in exploring your Inner Shaman. Finding your own unique path, connection,  and expression of your Inner Shaman. 

It offers a series of 3 personalized guided meditations and trainings connected to Shamanism. To support your connection with building confidence, intuition. Strengthening your connection to higher energies and your inner knowing.

This Series includes 4 Powerful 1:1 Sessions

Meeting your Shaman Spirit Guide 

Connecting with your higherself/ Shaman aspects 

Gaining clarity for your Shaman energy purpose 

Essentially creating a foundation for navigating the dimensions of yourself. 

Inner Shaman Series $555

Soul Purpose Series


Do you feel called to be of service in this world? Do you feel you have many more abilities then the humdrum 3d jobs that surround you?

This series will support you in finding your soul focus so you can begin sharing your purpose one comfortable step as a time. 

It offers 4 personalized guided meditations and trainings connected to your purpose on Earth. 

Meeting your Spirit Guide 

Connecting with your Higher-Self aspects 

Gaining clarity for your Soul energy purpose 

Building your confidence and intuition.  Strengthening your connection to higher energies and your innate inner wisdom.

Essentially creating a foundation for  sharing your heart, soul, and purpose with the world. 

Soul Purpose Series $555