Discovery Session

A Consultation designed to support you in Gaining Clarity, Receiving Support, and Creating a Plan. I will share a combination of my skills and support based on your specific needs.

90 minutes $100

Personalized Coaching

Your very own coaching  tailored to your specific needs and desires. Gain the clarity you desire and the focus to accomplish your dreams one step at a time. A focused Consultation to gain insight and clarity about Physical Health, Emotional Health, Relationships, Career, Finances, Home or whatever is causing you stress.I will assist and support you in identifying goals and creating a plan to reach them.

90 minutes $125 for 1st session. Then we created a program to fit your needs

Personalized Guided Meditation with Coaching

Guided Meditation allows you to just sit back and receive. It directs you to focus on enjoying the experience. You won’t have to worry about writing your grocery list in your head and wondering why you’re not relaxing. Enjoy the deep satisfaction of relaxation, calm, peace….and a clearer sense of self.

45 minutes $75, 90 minutes $150


Exploring Emotions

In this Coaching and Guided Mediation session you will learn how to embrace emotions so that you can evolve them.

90 minutes $140

Connecting With YOU

In this Coaching and Guided Mediation session you will make time and space to connect with yourself at a deeper level, Connect with, nurture, and support aspect of yourself that have been neglected. 

90 minutes $140

Intuitive Guidance

Re-establish a connection to your deeper self and retrieve wisdom for your path toward a full, rich life. Rediscover the interconnectedness of all things, access a deeper awareness, and investigate your healing with techniques like journeying and soul retrieval. 

60 minutes $150


Reiki Massage

Enjoy the benefits of a soothing and nourishing massage coupled with gentle, yet stimulating, energy work to balance the body, mind, and spirit. My work is primarily energy work but I incorporate massage techniques to enhance the effectiveness of the session and what your energetic body needs. Your energetic body harmonizes your physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual bodies together. I treat them all simultaneously. I believe strongly in this type of work.

60 minutes $100, 90 minutes $140, 120 Minutes $180



Reflexology Massage

Put your feet up and enjoy this targeted alternative medicine treatment that addresses the entire body through gentle massage and acupressure on the feet.

30 minutes $60, 45 minutes $75, 60 minutes $95


Usui and Karuna Reiki

Discover a deep state of tranquility and healing as your energy is guided, through gentle touch, to release stress on all levels. Release and redirect stagnant energy by balancing the network of energy that courses through the body and accelerate healing on all levels of your being.

60 minutes $75, 90 minutes $110




This Harmonious Heart Program is about Loving Yourself More So You Can Love Others More. One of my quotes is “You can only love another as much as you love yourself”. I learned this after hearing “You can’t love someone unless you love yourself.” I think no matter where we are in life we have some form of ability to love others. But when we learn to embrace and fully love ourselves we then have that much more love to share with others.


Craniosacral Therapy

Restore your vitality and release tension with this gentle treatment that follows the rhythmical flow of the cerebral spinal fluid, from the head to the sacrum. This is very relaxing for the nervous system. Does not include massage or strong muscle manipulation

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