Intuitive Coaching

This Ultimate Session is a Combo of Coaching, Intuitive Messages, and Energy Work!

If you felt guided or drawn to this it’s because you’re ready to begin or expand upon your journey to self-actualization.

It’s a journey of self-love, developing and trusting your intuition, discovering your passions, and expanding into your true self!

I’ll support you in exploring and discovering your innate and unique abilities. I Intuitively access several skills and innovative techniques to nurture your soul!

60 Minute Intuitive Coaching is $100

90 Minute Intuitive Coaching is $150

Multidimensional Heart Activation

You’re a multifaceted multidimensional being with many layers.

You’re soul already knows what it needs…

I’m here to guide and support that shift with my ability to see, feel, and sense deeply on multiple layers and dimensions. 

The Multidimensional Heart Activation is $111 

Reiki Session (Usui and Karuna® Certified)

Reiki is a gentle, nurturing, Japanese Technique for healing. Reiki’s energy supports you your body, mind, and emotions to release stress and pain. Ultimately allowing you to relax into a deep state of tranquility and harmony. 

I also include additional energy work that I’m trained in as needed. 

Reiki Session is $75

Intuitive Readings will support you in honing in and gaining the clarity you need even if you’re not sure what you need.

Tarot Readings help you discover the most favorable and supportive path to achieve your goals.

Intuitive Mentorship helps you develop your intuition and reading skills

30 Minute Reading $60  

60 Minute Reading $100

Purchase Gift Certificates in increments of $50, $75, $100, $150 here.

Contact Danielle directly for any other specific needs… [email protected]