Yay! Summer’s here! Hope you all enjoyed the first day. I have a surprise to share.
It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. I spent the Spring cleaning up, not just my home, but all the things that I was ready to let go of. It took some time to prepare for the new.
How about you? Have you recently experienced a need to let go of some things?
I love making room for new things to come into my life. What’s even more exciting is some times things from your past resurface, but with a new improved perspective.
Has this ever happened to you? Where you completely let something go…. like a job, or a relationship…. maybe even a dream only to have it re-emerge in your life in an amazing and exciting way.
Well, that’s one thing that happened to me over these last few months. I was working with some coaching clients and found that my massage and Reiki skills began to be of service to my clients. It was not planned, but just unfolded naturally.
I explored this over a few months to see if it was going to stick. In the process learned some really great ways to care for my body better. As a result I can actually care for my clients better and provide massage again.

I am excited to announce that I am offering and including Reiki Massage for my Consulting and Coaching clients.

I’m sharing all my skills, so YOU can receive exactly the support you need in each session. Utilizing a combination of Consulting, Coaching, Guided Meditation, Massage Therapy, Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Reflexology, Essential Oils, Light Therapy, and more. I’m currently booking Discovery Sessions. 


A DISCOVERY SESSION is a Consultation designed to support you in Gaining Clarity, Receiving Support, and Creating a Plan. I will share a combination of my skills and support based on your specific needs.

This Session is for you if you are experiencing any of the following… 

  • You’re experiencing a stressful life transition. Yes! even amazing and exciting opportunities can be stressful (Changes in Physical Health,  Emotional Health, Relationships, Career, Finances, Home, etc…)
  • You would love your relationships, health, career, finances, home, or any area of your life to be happier
  • You’re searching for something new or wanting to take the next step toward a dream
  • You want to overcome confusion, stress, overwhelm, frustration, anger, sadness, depression, anxiety
  • A need to stop spinning in circles, release blocks, and finally have the clarity and focus to move forward
  • A desire to discover your hearts desires and passions and follow them

During this session …

  • We will get to know one another or reconnect
  • You will have an opportunity to share your concerns and desires
  • Based on your needs,  I will provide support and guidance

Upon completion of your Discovery Session

  • We will decide together if we are a good synergistic match
  • How I am able to best support you and your desires
  • The next step in our plan to move forward together 

I’m looking forward to reconnecting and sharing my new services with you. Yes, I love and appreciate referrals so if you send it to one of your peeps please let me know you sent them for a special surprise.
Call, text, email, or fill out the form below to chat about your personal Discovery Session today.
315-395-4483 or [email protected]
I look forward to connecting with you and sharing the new.
With Love,
Danielle Filipski

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