My Silence has ended…….. As I scroll through the news and articles I feel the deep pain that is occurring on this Planet and I also feel the Deep Compassion and Love that is on this Planet. We have this tremendous opportunity to decide that which we will create. I am 100 percent for honoring what you feel but I will no longer be silent. I am aware so I am responsible.
I sat here this morning drinking my coffee and I wept. My heart just couldn’t continue to witness the hurt and pain any longer in silence. As I cried I began calling on the Creator with my deepest hope and with an open heart. I prayed for Love to reign down on the entire planet and lift us from this madness and this is what came through.
I call on you now, we call on you now ignite within us our deepest memory our deepest knowing that we are not ever separate from you, but a piece and spark of you. Remind us! Ignite us! So that we all remember the truth and beauty that is within every single one of us! Remind us of our grace, beauty, and power. Remind us we are so much more than consumers and slaves. Remind us we are Creators and we have the power within us to create the world, and planet, and life that we seek and crave so very deeply at our core. Creator of all that is wrap us in your loving nurturing energy, remind us of who we truly are, remind us of the strength and magnificence we are truly capable of achieving. Show us the truth and peace that is possible. Ignite within our hearts the flame of remembering this truth! Spark the deep seeded yearning for HOPE. The hope every single one of us holds in knowing without a shadow of a doubt we are capable and loving. And our LOVE and HOPE and COMPASSION are the strongest forces in this Universe and they will continue to be the strongest forces in this Universe for eternity. I speak this with the fullest LOVE, HOPE, and COMPASSION possible. I love you even when you don’t love yourself!!!!!!! Danielle