During Transition things feel unstable.  You can navigate the instability by keeping yourself focused on the desired outcome.

Things are changing and moving so you’re not quite sure where you’re going to end up. IT’S OKAY! That’s what Transition is all about. 
When everything is changing around you this is a perfect opportunity to dream of exactly what you want!
Instead of trying to figure out the ins and outs of how things will unfold just allow your dreams to be your focus.
What feels good?
Or at least feels better than before and in the flow of who you are now?
Explore what aligns with your heart?
Transitions are a time to dream big! Go for the gusto… imagine exactly what you want in detail and allow yourself to feel the emotions that correlate with this dream!
You got this! You know how you want to feel and you have some amazing tools to get you there.

Remember transitions are your friend. Even if this transition caught you by surprise know that it’s there to support you in the life you truly want.
One day your life was going in one direction and you had it all figured out, then all of a sudden it feels like the carpet gets pulled out from under you.
Maybe your job or career suddenly ends or changes, a close relationship ends abruptly, someone close to you passes on to the other side, you lose a pet, you have to move out of your home, your car is finished, or a combination of several changes occur at once.
These types of things are common when you are growing. Believe it or not the universe is responding to where you are now. 

Maybe you’re thinkin “Hold up Danielle if I’m getting better and growing why the heck are all of these things falling apart?”

Well… it’s because you are now attracting new experiences, opportunities, and relationships into your life.
These new things need a place to go. The things that are no longer supporting you are shifting energetically in your life to make room for the new things to come in.
This may happen very rapidly if you are growing quickly. You may make one change that feels oh so perfect only to discover a few weeks later you’re ready for another change. 
This doesn’t mean you were wrong about it feeling perfect. It was perfect a few weeks ago. You received whatever lessons or energy you needed and you are ready to continue moving forward. 
Here’s a personal example…
While in massage school I work for a Chiropractor doing his marketing and would transition to massage once I was licensed. It was encouraging and exciting to have a massage job lined up before I even graduated.
During this time I learned a ton about marketing. I even learned how to approach companies about workshops. It helped me to build confidence approaching people and sharing knowledge. After a few months I realized this office was not a good fit for my massage. I wanted to expand into energy and intuitive work. I wanted freedom and ultimately my own business. 

So was I wrong? Was my intuition off?

I say NO… my intuition got me exactly where I needed to be. My logical brain may have interpreted it in one way, because that’s what I needed to move forward with the job. If I thought I was going to leave after a few months, logically, I may have never taken the job in the first place. Thank goodness my intuition kicked in, sending my logical mind to the side for a bit.
In those brief few months I learn amazing marketing skills that I still use and teach to this day. The knowledge I gained was priceless.

Trust your intuition, follow your heart.

It will always guide you in the right direction. Even if it doesn’t turn out exactly how you planned, know that it turns out exactly as you need to support your personal expansion.

Again Focus on how you want to feel.

What type of outcomes do you want? 

How does your dream career look and feel?

What’s your dream day and week look like?

How do your relationships look and feel?

Take some time and dream. Dream deep and big. Like I said go for the gusto. Draw, paint, color, visualize… Whatever feels good to you. Share your drawing on the facebook page. 
It’s really important to spend time dreaming in your imagination to manifest what you want. Here’s one of my favorite guided meditations. It will inspire and support you during your transition. It will also help shift your mind away from worry and focus in the direction of your dreams. Guided meditation is a super powerful tool and I want to share that with you today. Get in to your own bubble of goodness and dream away…Pink and Gold Bubble Meditation
I love hearing from you! Let me know how the meditation worked for you. Feel free to send me and email or share on the facebook page.
Feeling like you could use some more support during your transition? This is one of my coaching specialties and would love to support you. Let’s set a time to talk. 
With Love,