How do you feel about a rainy day or snowy day?

Do rainy days get you down? Or do they inspire you to dream?

When you day dream of your happiest life what do you think of most?

On rainy days I dream of many happy things.  However, in this very snowy moment I dream of laying on a beach in the sun, relaxing,  and knowing in my heart that everything is taken care of. This feels so amazingly peaceful to me.


But in my current reality this is what’s outside my window

Even though I  crave this…. 


I’m workin with this… 

snowy yard


So you may think I would feel miserable right? Since “technically” I’m not currently experiencing the life I crave or am I?

I’m still experiencing many others part of the life I crave. I’ve prepared enough emotionally and financially for the snow and rain. I have a backup plan for the beach.

I’m warm and cozy in my new writing nook, sipping on a nice hot cup of Half-Caf Coffee. This afternoon Dave and I  adventured out in the snow and 4 degree weather to pick up some groceries. This evening we’ll cook a nice dinner and Netflix. I’m cozy and happy about all that!

Want to learn more about how beliefs, emotions, and perspective work hand in hand to create the Life you Crave no matter what is occurring around you! 

Awesome just keep right on reading.

You’ve heard the term Rainy Day Fund right?

Some of you may conjour an image of a frustrated or sad person… someone who is moping around feeling sorry for themselves or someone who assumes a rainy day is a negative thing.

rainy day sadness

Then you have me and how I’ve always imagined a rainy day fund.

playin in the rain

For me living in Syracuse, NY rainy and snowy days are a reality quite often, actually more days than not.

So when I hear or say rainy day find it conjours up an image of a family hangin out at home. It’s been raining all day, the kids have a ton of energy, and the fam needs to get out of the house. They are ready for a new exciting adventure, one that they may not think about when the sun is shining. Because when the weather is nice they’re outside playing! Since they have been gifted this rainy day they’re grateful they saved up funds. Now they have an awesome opportunity to enjoy an exciting new adventure. They turned a rainy day into a fun day because they were prepared for it.

It’s all about aligning with the life you crave. I want to be happy so I align with beliefs, emotions, and perspectives that feel good and make me happy!

Belief = Rainy Days are fun when you plan ahead and save for new adventures

Emotion = Grateful, Energized, and Excited

Perspective = A Rainy Day is an Opportunity for Adventure and  New Experiences

Outcome = Enjoying my rainy day adventure.

Write down some belief you have or been taught. Are they are supportive to you? How they make you feel is a huge indication to discover if they support you or not.

Your Belief + The Emotion You Feel + Your Perspective = Your Outcome

Are you beliefs, emotions, and perspectives supporting the Life you Desire?

If not replace them with a new belief that creates a positive emotion and in turn creates a new supportive perspective.

As you move forward and communicate with others you can bring this tool with you.  In “The Rainy Day Fund” example you can see how people perceive and interpret the same saying differently.

So if you say Rainy day fund because it’s exciting to you find out how the people around you perceives this saying. Maybe it is supportive to them or maybe it triggers a negative feeling. You can have a conversation and find out what makes both of you feel good. 

Dave, my husband, and I did this and discovered we like “success fund” it supports us both.

I would love to hear what you discover with this process. It can work with any beliefs, emotions, or perspectives.

With Love,

Danielle Filipski