Universal Shamanism

Universal Shamanism Consultation

Tap deeper into your personal power while learning to balance and harmonize the Divine Responsibility of this Pure Sacred Energy.

Universal Shamanism supports you in expanding and strengthening your energetic connection and understanding of our Universe and the SOURCE Of All That Is.

I will support you in expanding into your full potential while completely honoring your individuality and allowing Source to guide us on this personalized journey.

We will explore your personal areas of interest related to Shamanism

Set Healthy Balanced Energetic Boundaries

Tap in to your Personal Connection with the Universal Shaman Energy

You will leave this session with a…

Personal knowing if I’m the mentor for you

Assignment to support your growth

Solid Plan for your next steps forward

Initial Consult Investment $222 for 2 Hours

With Honor and Respect,

Danielle Filipski

A Personal Note about Light Creation Activations from Danielle

These creations began as a personal experience for me. The drawings were a way to process emotions, but I began to notice as I was drawing that I could feel energy release and open up as I was drawing. I was intrigued so I tried it with a few friends and each time it became clearer that it was supporting the gentle release of blocked energy and emotions. This was an exciting discovery that made sense to me. Everything is made of energy and I love energy work of all kinds, so it’s only fitting that I would meld it with a creative fun form. 

We’ve experienced some powerful yet gentle sessions with the Light Creation Activation. I’m looking forward to sharing this creative energy experience with you.

With Love and Light,



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