VULNERABILITY : An Expression of Self-Love

Vulnerability : Hard Poops cousin and an Expression of Self-Love

My recent blog Hard Poop : An Uncomfortable, but Real Conversation was all about vulnerability.
More real talk….It wasn’t all easy-peasy for me to publish that post. I had feelings of anxiety wondering how some people might feel about it or even misinterpret it.

Nervous vulnerability

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That’s when I knew I had to post it! I’m all about teaching self-love so I have to walk my talk. And what better way to do it than to be vulnerable and set the example of how to be comfortable with some of the most uncomfortable things in life, like poop. 

Vulnerability can lead to growth if you’re strong enough to allow the vulnerability to take place.

My willingness to be vulnerable and honest has ultimately allowed me to grow stronger and more confident.
I believe vulnerability and honesty are Self-Love strengths that lead to authenticity. I’m not talking about the type of vulnerability that correlates with abuse, that could be another blog post all in itself. I’m talking about the vulnerability that is about being your real deal self.

Danielle Filipski

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Yes I’m a coach, and my clients love working with me because I don’t fake the flavor. I don’t act or say that I have this whole life thing figured out. I do have a ton of experience to back up my abilities, but I’m still learning. Thank goodness! Living is about expanding and growing.

My biggest growth spurts have been a direct result of my ability to be vulnerable.

Just a few weeks ago I decided to work with a new coach. I have 3 coaches I work with by the way! I felt he had some insights to offer me. I also knew that I could go into the session like I already knew everything or I could go in vulnerable and allow him to use his abilities.
Part of me felt scared…. But not because I was in danger scared… The type of scared that let me know this was exactly what I needed. I knew we were going to get to the bottom of some poop that was holding me back. The hard uncomfortable poop. You remember from my last post. 🙂

Vulnerable leap

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Part of me wanted to show him my abilities and what I’m capable of. Thank goodness a bigger part of me knew that my soul needed some serious support. If I went in guarded I would never extract and learn all that I needed too.

Being vulnerable or open to other people’s ideas or insights does not make you weak.

In fact learning from others will only make you stronger. It doesn’t mean you have to adhere perfectly to everything they say. You take the parts that you need and leave the rest for another time.
I’ve discovered that even if something doesn’t initially make sense eventually it makes complete sense. It’s all about interpretation and perspective. 

We’re constantly learning in relationships or at least have the opportunity too.

My life experience is different than yours so my interpretation and perspective will have moments where it will be different then yours. This is the beauty of individuality. We each have unique experiences. When we share our experiences with others the original experience expands out. When other people become involved in the conversation it moves and morphs beyond what we could have ever known alone… if we kept it locked away.

I let myself be vulnerable with the coach so I could learn.


Whew Thank goodness for vulnerability

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I was able to see simple small things I had completely forgotten about that were holding me back! If I didn’t allow that to happen I would still be stuck in them and not even know why. Thank goodness I was open, because once I processed what he said and realized how it fit in to my life. I made some swift changes.

My circumstances immediately responded to the shifts to meet my new higher awareness.

I literally cleaned out old papers and journals from as far back to when I was 17. I found the box they were sequestered away in, created a fire in the fireplace, and had a glorious let it go party. It felt amazing to allow those old stories and words to be recycled back in to ashes. These ashes are the past. Past experiences that made me who I am, but no longer define or limit me.

Be vulnerable and let go of the old

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As I scanned a few of them before tossing them I was amazed at who I used to be and what I used to believe. I always hold compassion and love for myself, but man did it feel amazing to let that part of me go.
No more need for all that old suffering, sacrifice, self-doubt, competition, hurt feelings, guilt, shame, blame, sadness… I can let it all go. Knowing that the amazingly beautiful lessons I extracted from all of those fantastic or not so fun experiences are still intact and serving a higher purpose now. They’ve literally been recycled into love… the Nurturing, Intuition, and Innovation, that I share now with you and the world.
If I never allowed myself to be or feel vulnerable I would never be available to have your back, to show you love, and that would mean that all of those old stories and hurts were for nothing. But they are for something. They have been recycled and turned in to beautiful compost for all of my new experiences. Nurturing my new beliefs allows me to be of service to you, this planet, and our universe.

What do you want to share with the world?

Or maybe a better question is what are you scared to share? This is where your next level of growth begins… With the poop you’re scared to share. The things that make you feel vulnerable.

Still not sure if Vulnerability is worth it?

Here’s a few added bonus results from my willingness to be vulnerable these last few weeks….
My relationships are improving by leaps and bounds.
Creativity is flowing off the charts, 
Business is growing,
and YES, I’m writing to you from the BEACH… another trip to Florida!

Beach baby a reward of vulnerability

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With Lots of Love and Sunshine,
Danielle Filipski