Walking the Sacred Circle 

Honoring the Teachings of White Buffalo Calf Woman : Embracing Your Divine Destiny

You are being called to Lead… Walking the Sacred Circle to embody as much of your soul as possible in your Human Form… Taking your rightful place at the table as a Multidimensional Being.

White Buffalo Calf Woman has stepped forward to assist us in the Return of the Bird Tribes.That is returning to our full multidimensional selves. She will assist and support anyone who steps forward and accepts this mission.

She’s been assisting me on my path for the last 10 years, although she only fully revealed herself to me in the last few weeks.

She’ll bring out the best in you, nurture you, and challenge you to step into your true potential like a Great Mother will.

If you’re feeling the call to Rise Up, Step Into, and Access your True Abilities and Powers… Walking the Sacred Circle may be just the support you’ve been searching for.

I invite you to join me in the experience of receiving the energy, support, and guidance of White Buffalo Calf Woman.

We will honor the 7 Sacred Circles and Celebrate the Spiral 

Starting 8/8/2019 completing 9/26/2019   

Walking the Sacred Circle

8/08 Honoring Your Life 

8/15 Honoring Mother Earth

8/22 Honoring all Earth Creatures

8/29 Honoring All People of all the Nations All Races into the Harmony of the Rainbow the 4 directions

9/05 Honoring The wise and benevolent Spirits that Guide You 

9/12 Honoring 6 souls you wish to bless ancestors, children, elders, leaders, loved ones 

9/19 Silently Honoring Great Spirit….Source of All That Is. 

9/26 Celebrating the Circle of Your Divine Soul….God and Goddess, Heaven and Earth. Body and Mind, Heart and Soul, Masculine and Feminine. 

What’s included in Walking the Scared Circle

8 Group Recordings that include Messages, Discussions, and Activations 

Every Thursday for 8 weeks from 8/8/2019 – 9/26/2019 time to be determined You will receive the Recordings via Dropbox and they will be available when you are ready!

You’ll also receive a 1:1 Personalized Intuitive Multidimensional Phone Session 

Danielle will contact you to book your personal session after you Register 

You’ll have access to the online portion as well as the Private Facebook group!

The Exchange

$333 Registration Required to begin the Course. Email, text, or call Danielle directly. 

[email protected] or 315-395-4483

I was given clear guidance from White Buffalo Calf Woman… if this Circle is in Alignment with your Soul she will support you in creating the prosperity plan needed.

She asks that you take some time to connect with her, be quite, meditate, and ask for her direct guidance. She will help you create a plan that’s in alignment with your Soul.

Once you have your plan contact me, Danielle and tell me what it is. 315-395-4483 or [email protected]

I know this will be more than I can imagine… it always is. I look forward to Walking the Sacred Circle.

I’m honored to share this gift with you,

Danielle Filipski

Embrace Divine Destiny and Sacred Circle of Love where these gatherings began.