What’s Available in a Session

Each Session is Unique. Here are some possibilities that we may encounter, but are not limited too in your session

Self-Care Discovery Session

Intuitive Coaching

Perfect Discovery Session for someone who knows they need something. But wants more support in knowing exactly what it is or where to start!

Maybe you’re just getting started in spirituality or you’re transitioning to a new expanded level.

Discover what direction you want to go. What’s really in your heart and soul!

This session include a combo of intuitive guidance, messages, and high-vibe energy work.

For maximum positive impact and lasting solutions you’ll receive assignments. This self-discovery work will empower you to continue the positive effects of our session.

Relationship Refresh

Relationship Refresh

If you’re alive you’re consistently changing. Even if you only change in tiny ways, over time those changes add up and make you a different person.

As you change than all of your relationships change.

This session is about learning how to upgrade and refresh your relationships.

You can do this alone or with the other person.

It’s not always about starting new with new people, places or things. Sometimes it’s about Refreshing and Upgrading how you relate to and perceive one another!

In fact you can even do this with your relationships to your job, food, your health, your limiting beliefs, finances, etc…

Learn techniques for how to

Release old resentments and frustrations in your relationship

Upgrade your old limiting beliefs to allow your to grow

Expand your mindset and create new possibilities

Be in alignment with who you are now

Align with who you want to evolve into

Upgrade your thoughts and perspectives so you can manifest the types relationships you want.

HiHigher Powergher Power

Higher Power

Personalized Meditation and Training to Strengthen your connection to your Higher Power.

Integrate with your Higher Self and Higher Aspects to build confidence, intuition, and strengthen your connection to higher energies.


Intuitive and Card Reading

Intuitive Readings will support you in honing in and gaining the clarity you need. Even if you don’t know what it is! You’ll get exactly what you need to support your growth in this moment.

Dive deeper into specifics with a combo of Intuitive and Tarot Reading. This reading is designed to help you discover the most favorable and supportive path to achieve your goals.

Multidimensional Heart Alignment

Multidimensional Heart Activation

You’re a multifaceted multidimensional being with many layers.

You have intricate cells and systems that make up your physical body. A body that houses your living spiritual being. Your soul that animates your body!

You have a profound ability and depth of emotions. You’re capable of experiencing multiple layers of emotions in any given moment. Feelings of joy, grief, sadness, appreciation, hope, love, and frustration all at the same time.

Harmonizing Energy

Harmonizing Energy Work

Everything is made of Energy. I believe Energy Work is at the forefront of our healing evolution.

So I’ve been obsessed with learning about and understanding energy for 15 years.

Harmonizing Energy Sessions are a blend of my extensive Energy Training.

Integrating Reiki, Shamanism, Energy Balancing, and my Multidimensional abilities as an Empathic Intuitive and weaving them together with my knowledge and training in Traditional Massage Therapy, Shiatsu, Cranial Sacral, Reflexology, and Acupressure.

Gentle and nurturing, this energy work supports your physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies to release stress, anxiety, and pain. Ultimately allowing you to relax into a deep state of tranquility and harmony.

Usui & Karuna® Reiki Certified

Past Life Retrieval

Past Life Retrieval

This has similar intent to past life regression in the sense that healing comes from the session.

We allow the energy to flow and show us what you specifically need to settle past lives and feel more comfortable in your current life!

Clearing and healing traumas from past lives to assist in the reintegration of those aspects of your soul.

A past life energy pattern may run through several past lives and we can work on all of them simultaneously to get to the heart of what you need right now to be free and happy in this life.

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval

Energetic Reintegration of the pieces of your soul that have been fragmented for any reasons related to physical, emotional, or spiritual traumas.

Assistance with embracing and integrating   aspects of your soul…the Inner Child, Ego, Shadow etc.

Support in releasing traumatic Ancestral DNA memories from your cells.

Star Seed

Star Seed Magic

As a Starseed your an old soul with deep spiritual wisdom having arrived from other solar systems or star constellations. Much of this wisdom has been lying dormant.

You naturally feel and see things differently. Your wide-ranging abilities accommodate for an expansive perspective.

You’ve had many incarnations in other star systems and incarnated on Earth at various times

In this session you’ll create an expansive connection with this  part of your soul through guided visualization and energy work.

You’re much bigger than the human in your physical body.

It consists of all your higher aspects and higher ability to directly connect with your Original Creator.

Soul Life Experiences from other planets or dimensions. Super Human and Magical Aspects, StarSeed, Angelic, Inner God/Goddess, Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine, Inner Shaman, Etc…

Expand and Integrate with more of your Infinite Soul Being. Everything your soul has ever experienced. Which has been a lot!

Maybe we’re all Star Seeds? Maybe we’re not. All I know is it intrinsically makes sense to me. Read some of my experiences as a Star Seed Story of an Undercover Star Seed 

Divine Inner Child

Divine Inner Child

Our Inner Child is one of our most important aspects of our life. Our Inner Child is innocent and loving, intuitive and curious. Open and ready to explore and experience what this world has to offer.

Throughout our lives many of us we’re taught to stuff and squish our Inner Child.

Well meaning parents and teachers wanted us to fit in. Not aware that they were drowning our natural authenticity.

The Inner Child never really went away, He or she simply adjusted and made themselves small.

But now that you’re remembering who you are and allowing yourself to expand you have space to allow your Inner Child to rise back up.

Allow your open and light-hearted, intelligent, intuitive, imaginative, creative, playful heart be reintroduced to yourself and when you’re ready this world.

Inner Shaman

Inner Shaman

Do you feel a great to connection to Mother Earth and yet still yearn to connect with the Stars in the Sky?

Does something stir inside your heart and soul when you think of Shamanism?

This Unique Series is designed to support you in exploring your Inner Shaman. Finding your own unique path, connection,  and expression of your Inner Shaman.

Sacred Masculine Sacred Feminine





Sacred Feminine and Masculine Balance
Learn to work with your own Masculine and Feminine Attributes to create more harmony inside and in your life

Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose

Do you feel called to be of service in this world? Do you feel you have many more abilities then the humdrum 3d jobs that surround you?

This series will support you in finding your soul focus so you can begin sharing your purpose one comfortable step as a time.

Shadow Work

Shadow Work

We are all a balance of light and dark. The shadows are the parts of us we’ve kept hidden.Once you are ready to acknowledge and work with the shadow you are able to help bring it to light.

Every person on this planet has a light and shadow side There is much power in learning to work with all of your aspects