This post contains affiliate links.  I personally use and believe in the Berkey Filter Systems

Many of you have been inquiring about the Berkey water filters. Here’s some Q & A

Here’s Why I recommend Berkey Water Filters.

1. My initial gut instinct liked the Berkey and its features.
2. The research on their site supported the features I was searching for, like fluoride filters.
3. I want to give my family the best possible water.
4. Financially it paid for itself within the first year. Boom and I don’t have to go back and forth to the store so it saves money on gas too.
5. No more…or at least much less plastic waste for the environment.
6. I just pour tap water in and about an hour later we have clean delicious filtered water!
7. They have wonderful helpful customer service. 

Question: Do you notice a difference with the water? 

Answer: Yes! Especially number 4, when we go out of town is when I have noticed it the most. 
1. The water tastes amazing
2. There is no smell even my skeptical hubby noticed…
3. He also noticed that the water by his bed side in the morning now looked and smelled better. He would actually drink it the next morning. Prior to Big Berkey he would water the plants with it.
4. When I go out of town I really miss my Berkey. Tap water just doesn’t taste good to me.  I also notice after drinking a few bottles of spring water I just don’t feel refreshed like I do with my Big Berkey water.
5. My cats love it. If I give them tap water they drink it, but when I give them Big Berkey water they line up.
6. Water is the main drink in my family and we use it for all our cooking needs.

Question: Does the Berkey Filter help increase the alkalinity of my water?
Answer: The short answer is No. The filters themselves do not make your water more alkaline. But there are simple ways you can increase your waters alkalinity below.
However, the Berkey site has an amazing blog that is very helpful. I’ve found answers to just about every question I’ve ever had on there. They suggest testing your ph and then adding, baking soda, lemon juice, or purchase drops that are especially made to increase alkalinity. Then test your water again, adjust accordingly. You can click the banner below and search any other questions you may have.

Question: Do I order through you Danielle?

Answer:  Thank you for asking. Whenever you click any of the links I’ve shared with you, Berkey automatically knows I’ve referred you.
You can order directly from them, but I would be happy to help and answer any questions you may have. I suggest signing up for there newsletter, they usually send a coupon.

If you want to learn more about why I love and choose to use Berkey water filters check out my blog.


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