Waiting Can be useful every now and again. 

Have you ever had a confusing situation that you didn’t know the answer to no matter how much you tried to look at all the potentials and possibilities? Just waiting 24 hours can help you find your answer.
I have experienced this situation many times. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have to figure the whole answer out all at once. It’s okay to wait and give it time.
Next time you have to make a decision and you aren’t sure what to do try these tips while you’re waiting.

Break things down into simple steps

Write a list of things that you need to get done or a list of possibilities, depending on your situation. This could even be a list of things you’re confused about. Sometimes it’s just helpful to get all the ideas in your head out on paper so you can let them go. I have found this often helps me to eliminate some of the ideas I no longer need.

Take these steps one at a time

Once you have your list, read through it and decide which things are priorities if you can. An alternative would be to focus on one or two things you feel good about or have the most confidence with and start with one of those. At this point you may even need to just walk away, take a break, and come back later when you feel refreshed.

What do you know with certainty in this moment?

Maybe the only thing you know in this moment is that you need more time. Or maybe you know that you need someone else to help you. Maybe you just need a break. What is your most immediate need? How will this help you to move forward?

If there is not an imperative need to rush a decision then don’t

If you have looked at the possibilities and have not gained the necessary clarity, take more time. You may need to do more research or maybe you just need to sleep on it. Give yourself the time and space if possible. I have found if I let things go before I sleep I often wake up with some new clarity. The rest gives our brains a chance to process all the information so we can easily see what will work.

State what you need

If your project involves other people, it’s important to communicate what you need in order to be successful. Most likely they can’t read your mind nor should they have too. Communicate your needs and be respectful of the other people involved. This will help eliminate some stress on both parties.

Ask them questions

Once they are aware of what you need, find out what they need. At that point you will either be able to continue to work together or decide to go your separate ways. Either way there is a solution. Both parties can get what they need and be respectful of one another.
Sometimes it takes many questions and a bit of time to get to the end result. Wouldn’t you much rather attain an end result that really resonates with your heart, rather than something that is half way done? Taking things one step at a time during your process may slow things down a bit at first, but this will save tons of time in the long run because you will have made a decision that you feel confident about.
So next time you are faced with a situation and you are not sure of the answer take your time and communicate your needs with the people involved. Most likely they will appreciate your honesty and when the project does resume it will flow that much easier.
Enjoy taking your time,
Danielle Filipski