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Things are not manifesting as quickly as you are used to because we’re in process of embodying the fullness expression of what you came here to create.

Meaning… you know what feels right in your heart and soul. You also know that is not what’s been happening on this planet.

So as you decide to become your sovereign free self…. You start to set boundaries and make changes for yourself.

Now things are moving slowly because all of the other people, places, and things connected to you also have to adjust to the new ways of being.

As you become more of yourself it automatically ripples out. It is a change that can’t be stopped. The seemingly little changes you make are having a huge impact.

Each healthy boundary you set
Each time you choose integrity
Each time you choose truth and love
Each moment you stabilize your energy into your body regardless of what’s happening externally…

You are embodying the change.

You are no longer just a beacon of light. You are an embodied anchor for the new templates.

This takes time for our human mind…we want it done yesterday. But in the bigger picture you are literally transforming worlds in fractions of seconds.

I love and appreciate you ❤️🌞🙏

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Hey Loves.... I'm willing to be vulnerable about my personal journey from surviving to Thriving. Here's a bit about my vision of what thriving means to me and how I'm beginning my own personal journey out of the depths of survival mode so I can actually thrive. Not just monetarily... but in all areas of my life. Health, Home, Relationships, Love, Joy, Peace, Fun, Purpose, Resources to name a few. 🙂

Come along for the journey if you'd like. I'm willing to be brave and either fall on my face or thrive. At the end of the day I do believe my vision is much so I'm willing to step out and see how it pans out. 🙂

Link in bio 😊

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I’ve been living my life like this is it…but it’s also infinite.

If I was about to die how would I live?

That’s how I’m making my decisions….it’s this combo of speaking how I feel from my heart. Not leaving anything to question.

Yet at the same time making decisions for the long term…like I’m gonna live 1000 years.

What is there truly to lose? Nothing in my opinion. Live. Live real. Live from your heart.

On some real shit. What’s the point of anything less?
#live #real #itiswhatitis #iloveyou #harmoniousheartliving


For the last few years I’ve traveled deep into my shadows. Just like the entire planet.

My deep inner work has yielded positive results beyond what I could have imagined.

But now it’s time to come up for some air and celebrate. I know opening up to real fun will allow me to integrate the changes…and fuel my new foundation.

To me this is about pure heart joy…radiating from every cell.

The joy you see from an unspoiled child’s heart. And when I say unspoiled I mean untouched by the shadows of our world.

The pure heart of a child.. a child who still completely remembers the Love and Truth of who they are. There’s no need to worry because you know and trust everything is gonna be alright.

I’m claiming this publicly cause that is part of the alchemy and activation. 😉😉😉 looking forward to seeing how this shifts my life and what new pathways open up. Love you Happy 2022 ♥️

I’m bringing her back 🥰 she remembered ♥️
#innerchild #fun #joy #truth #love #divinetruth #divinelove #harmoniousheartliving

About Danielle

About Danielle

Hey Soul Fam…  I’m Danielle, I offer Spiritual Intuitive support your Soul Expansion and Divine Embodiment


Shedding old limitations and programming that have kept you small.

Learning to trust and strengthen your inner wisdom at a deeper level.

Ultimately listening to your heart and allowing your soul to lead you above all else.

I connect with your Divine team of guides and highest aspects to bring forth whatever wisdom is in alignment with your Soul’s Highest good to receive. Consciously channeled insight and energy continue to stream throughout the session. 

During our time together there is almost always a channeled energy where you will enter into a meditative state and set the intention of calling in exactly what is for your highest good in this moment.

I work with a full range of, tools, guides, collectives and channels Higher Power light codes to activate, enhance, and support your personal journey

Some of the things that may take place are…

Clearing of denser, outdated energetic attachments, agreements, contracts, and frequencies. 

Integration of soul fragments and Divine gifts.  

Activation of DNA and to Higher Soul information.

Timeline regression clean up, trauma clearing,  and reintegration work. 

You will also receive intuitive action steps directed from soul guidance to support you in your personal power. These sessions are designed to support and empower you in your own energy, intuition, and activate your natural gifts and abilities

For those of you ready to step into your power and shed limitations I’m offering 1:1 sessions now to empower, support and assist those ready to embody their highest self. With this session you will have created your own techniques.

The purpose of this is not to do it for you, but to empower you to do it yourself.  To master your lessons on your own with the aim of stepping into your power and embrace the higher aspect of your soul.

To realize and let go of all limitations and finally become an embodiment of love. An Empowered Creator of the reality you want to live in. I will walk by you and intuitively guide you through the shadows to your True Divine Self.


Danielle Wilk



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