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About Danielle

A New Earth Entrepreneur and Multidimensional Intuitive, here on Earth to raise the Collective Vibe. 😉 

My purpose is to assit you in expanding your Heart and listening to your Soul. 

Raising the Collective Vibe is an inside job! 

Through my personal development I’ve learned to love myself and cultivate my intuition.

Self-Love, Intuitive, and Spiritual Development are the foundation of personal and professional philosophy.

After a career in social services,  I expanded by getting licensed in massage therapy and Certified in  Usui and Karuna Reiki ® Master.

I’ve been trained in Advanced Guided Meditation Techniques, Spiritual and Intuitive Development, Shamanism, and more.

My adventerous spirit dove directly into entrepreneurship. I gained a ton of experience from the ups and downs of learning something new on my own. I apply the hard won knowledge I’ve learned. I continue to learn and expand by sharing it to others. 

Joyce Appel and I are Co-Creator and Co-Owner of Wellness Connects : Your Online Community Wellness Business Directory Resource.

Want to raise the collective vibe by being authentically You?  Then you’re in the right place.

I’m avialable for phone, zoom, and in person sessions!

With Love,

Danielle Filipski

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