Maybe you’re here because there’s something inside of you that YEARNS to be who you truly are… aches to be FREE…and hungers to realize your creative POTENTIAL.

You’re ready to evolve beyond survival mode.

But perhaps you still have moments where you feel…




Not good enough

Blocked or limited in some way

Maybe you even feel there’s something you can do to feel better, but you’re not quite sure what it is?

I believe you have the answers to these questions inside of you and with some Self-Love support you can access them.

SELF-LOVE is at the core of every moment you experience true HARMONY.  Self-Love with the genuine intent to “Love yourself more so you can love others more” is a corner stone for success in self-discovery, personal freedom, a thriving body, harmonized emotions, a nurtured soul, financial abundance, healthy supportive relationships, a career that nourishes you, and genuine authentic living. 

Self-Love supports you to…

Gain Clarity and Confidence

Enjoy more Creative freedom, love, peace, and joy.

Strengthen and trust in your own guidance.

Enhance your relationships and communication

Discover your natural gifts and talents and share them.

Receive support and nurturing to be your true self.

Self-Love is not about perfectionism or avoiding life… it’s about embracing life and learning how to become harmonious with all of it. Especially, the parts of life you can’t control. Learning to love yourself more so you can love others more is exactly what Harmonious Heart Living is all about.

This is what I would love to do for you…

Create a unique and innovative experience that extracts and nurtures the creative diamonds living inside of YOU.

Instinctively tap into universal energy, personal experience, professional knowledge, and intuitive power to support YOU in the most innovative and creative ways that I can.

This is about discovering your true essence and infusing it into your entire life. Where freedom truly reigns…INSIDE of YOU.

With Love,

Danielle Filipski



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