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I have zero need for things to be “perfect” in a traditional standard…There was a time in my life where I attempted to hold myself to a “perfectionist standard”.

The thought of that now makes me want to 🤢🤮

Truly what is it?

You spend tremendous amounts of time and energy trying to be something or someone to fit into someone else’s standards…

Who actually made the standards anyway?

Who told you what beauty is? What love is? What happiness looks like on paper? Was it you? Or was it something that was cultivated and put in your face everyday until you bought the kool-aid?

Do you actually know what your authentic truth is?

My old idea of perfectionism is just pure insanity to me.

I hope most of us are learning and growing everyday…. If we assume this as a truth then the idea of perfectionism is unattainable…cause there is always room to expand and grow… in infinite ways.

Perfectionism is so completely different to me now.

Yes there is always room to grow…and in that each of us is perfect in our own uniquely beautiful way.

There is no one like you. There will never be anyone else just exactly like you.

Think about it…you won’t even be this version of you tomorrow.

There is a level of perfection in knowing that no matter what is happening in your life…at this moment….you have the power to shift it in a new direction or build upon what’s working.

I’m learning everyday what my authentic truth is… and today it’s…

I’m not perfect and that’s just perfect for me. 😉♥️

Growth is inevitable and I’m enjoying the journey. I don’t need perfect and pretty….only rainbows and butterflies. Although…don’t get it twisted… I love those things 😍 Above all else I want real.

Danielle Rose Wilk 6/26/2021
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Runnin this one back from last year ♥️

The abused masculine energy within each of us is ready and in requirement of being acknowledged.

In many ways the abused masculine is the most neglected of all. This is the aspect we expect to be strong, silent, stable, and tough despite what’s happening all around.

It doesn’t matter who you are... man, woman, child… if this inner abused masculine aspect is activated then chances are high you’re in a state or cycle of self abuse.

This aspect has been highly trained in the art of suck it up, keep it movin, and stay strong no matter what. This is definitely a piece of us that has a place at the table, but this piece also deeply requires… time, attention, love, and respect. To be acknowledged and heard. Seen, loved, cared for, nurtured, appreciated.

By placing our attention and love on healing this aspect within ourselves, we can then acknowledge and hold space for others wounded/abused Masculine aspect.

We’ve placed much required attention on the wounded/abused feminine and we’ll continue to do so. But the acknowledgement and love for the masculine within is the only way to truly create the harmony we’re seeking.

To only acknowledge one side would be a great misstep that would set us back even further. The only true way forward is to have the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine walking hand and hand, heart to heart within. As we integrate these aspects within our own hearts we are able to spiral outward to assist others on a planetary scale.

Take some time to acknowledge, nurture, listen, and love your masculine wounds. I would love to hear your experiences. 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

Danielle Marie 6/25/2020
#divinemasculine #harmony #divineunion #divinity #divinitywithin #love #divinelove #creator #harmoniousheartliving #selflove

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Choose you for You. #selflove #chooselove #flow #harmoniousheartliving #love ...

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What does Authenticity mean to you?

For me at this moment it means embodying….Unapologetically and lovingly speaking my truth.

Sounds simple...but…

I spent too much of my life hiding...holding back. For fear of how people may misinterpret my intentions…

I’ve grown enough over the last year to realize it wasn’t really about anyone else. It was about me being comfortable within myself... with myself.

You feel me on that? I literally can no longer hide... if I do I stunt my own growth.

There is a deep freedom in self responsibility. Knowing in any way I judge you….is simply nothing to do with you...and only a reflection of myself.

How empowering…

Accepting that level of self responsibility frees me from entertaining anyone else’s judgments of me.

In my world...I’m responsible for my own judgments and vice versa… if anyone else judges me I understand that it has nothing to do with me….it is also simply a reflection of themselves.

I’ve known this but I’m integrating at deeper levels.

This is a huge step next step in embodying Authentic Freedom for me 💜💪🏽

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About Danielle

About Danielle

Hey Soul Fam…  I’m Danielle, I offer Spiritual Intuitive support your Soul Expansion and Divine Embodiment


Shedding old limitations and programming that have kept you small.

Learning to trust and strengthen your inner wisdom at a deeper level.

Ultimately listening to your heart and allowing your soul to lead you above all else.

I connect with your Divine team of guides and highest aspects to bring forth whatever wisdom is in alignment with your Soul’s Highest good to receive. Consciously channeled insight and energy continue to stream throughout the session. 

During our time together there is almost always a channeled energy where you will enter into a meditative state and set the intention of calling in exactly what is for your highest good in this moment.

I work with a full range of, tools, guides, collectives and channels Higher Power light codes to activate, enhance, and support your personal journey

Some of the things that may take place are…

Clearing of denser, outdated energetic attachments, agreements, contracts, and frequencies. 

Integration of soul fragments and Divine gifts.  

Activation of DNA and to Higher Soul information.

Timeline regression clean up, trauma clearing,  and reintegration work. 

You will also receive intuitive action steps directed from soul guidance to support you in your personal power. These sessions are designed to support and empower you in your own energy, intuition, and activate your natural gifts and abilities

For those of you ready to step into your power and shed limitations I’m offering 1:1 sessions now to empower, support and assist those ready to embody their highest self. With this session you will have created your own techniques.

The purpose of this is not to do it for you, but to empower you to do it yourself.  To master your lessons on your own with the aim of stepping into your power and embrace the higher aspect of your soul.

To realize and let go of all limitations and finally become an embodiment of love. An Empowered Creator of the reality you want to live in. I will walk by you and intuitively guide you through the shadows to your True Divine Self.


Danielle Marie



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