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Word…But if you learn from the stupidity isn’t it courageous anyway?! At least this is how I validate my own courageous stupidity 😂👏🏽🥰

I will continue to live true to my heart and potentially make a mistake…all day everyday over playing it safe and living scared.

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If I want something in my life it’s up to me to cultivate it within myself.

Aligning my inner world with what I truly desire is how I create it in my outer.

When I don’t see instant results I trust and believe it’s being worked on.

It’s not a time for me to doubt and if I do…for me it’s a realization that the space and time are a gift…an opportunity to strengthen my inner even deeper.
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I want to follow my heart…to attract the life, love, joy, fun, purpose, freedom, and peace that’s centered in alignment with me and my heart. ♥️

No projecting or attempting to manifest who or what I “think” it should be….I just want to attract what’s in divine alignment with my highest possible potential in each moment.

When I think about the idea of manifesting something too specific like a specific person, or specific home, or a specific way of thinking a path should go it doesn’t feel correct to me.

It feels like projecting and it also feels extremely limiting. There is so much more potential and many more possibilities that my human mind doesn’t know about yet. So why limit myself to the old worn out pathways of creation?

Nah…I want to manifest the new new…what’s in alignment with my heart and soul now…and what’s going to fit my future self as I embody more and more of my soul.

So this is exactly what I’m doing…and when my explorations veer off this path and I want to control or resist…I observe it, own it, and let it go….simply refocusing and navigating my way back to what I truly want.

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Many of you don’t know this…but I started babysitting for neighborhood kids when I was only 11…by the time I was 12 and my parents split I bought my own school clothes… needless to say I was independent af from a very young age.

One of the first times I truly allowed myself to lean on another human being was during my marriage. It took me a long time to allow myself to receive that support. And in truth it was still a struggle for me. I usually preferred to just rely on me… it was safer that way.

This was Independence as a trauma response. I felt alone, disconnected, scared. I didn’t know how to connect to my highest energy or the Creator of all that is. But over the years I learned how to work with both of these.

Now I’ve been back out on my own and this time I’m an entrepreneur…this adds a new layer of independence and I truly couldn’t love the challenge more... I believe if I continue to follow my heart and soul…. doing what I love and leading from my heart always…. I will continue to receive all the resources I require.

This is independence from a place of trust in my highest power…as a creator consciously aware of my connection to the source of my Creation. To align with and surrender to my highest timeline. That changes the entire playing field.

I’m still independent af, but I’ve learned to allow myself to receive support as much as I provide it.

Enjoying the journey…the next adventure in my experiences being present in each moment… to see what or who shows up in my path. ✌🏽♥️😉

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About Danielle

About Danielle

Hey Soul Fam…  I’m Danielle, I offer Spiritual Intuitive support your Soul Expansion and Divine Embodiment


Shedding old limitations and programming that have kept you small.

Learning to trust and strengthen your inner wisdom at a deeper level.

Ultimately listening to your heart and allowing your soul to lead you above all else.

I connect with your Divine team of guides and highest aspects to bring forth whatever wisdom is in alignment with your Soul’s Highest good to receive. Consciously channeled insight and energy continue to stream throughout the session. 

During our time together there is almost always a channeled energy where you will enter into a meditative state and set the intention of calling in exactly what is for your highest good in this moment.

I work with a full range of, tools, guides, collectives and channels Higher Power light codes to activate, enhance, and support your personal journey

Some of the things that may take place are…

Clearing of denser, outdated energetic attachments, agreements, contracts, and frequencies. 

Integration of soul fragments and Divine gifts.  

Activation of DNA and to Higher Soul information.

Timeline regression clean up, trauma clearing,  and reintegration work. 

You will also receive intuitive action steps directed from soul guidance to support you in your personal power. These sessions are designed to support and empower you in your own energy, intuition, and activate your natural gifts and abilities

For those of you ready to step into your power and shed limitations I’m offering 1:1 sessions now to empower, support and assist those ready to embody their highest self. With this session you will have created your own techniques.

The purpose of this is not to do it for you, but to empower you to do it yourself.  To master your lessons on your own with the aim of stepping into your power and embrace the higher aspect of your soul.

To realize and let go of all limitations and finally become an embodiment of love. An Empowered Creator of the reality you want to live in. I will walk by you and intuitively guide you through the shadows to your True Divine Self.


Danielle Wilk



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